Stop Buffering Message Popups and Pauses on XBMC / Kodi Box

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IMPORTANT: I forgot a 0 at the end of cache buffer. Use 419430400

Stop Buffering Message Popups and Pauses on XBMC / Kodi Box.

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Stop Buffering on XBMC / Kodi Box
This should work on any box! Speeds up playing time tremendously!

41 Comments on Stop Buffering Message Popups and Pauses on XBMC / Kodi Box

  1. Bros Unite

    3.8 out of 5 stars  27Reviews

    [2015 Latest TV Box ] Bros Unite M8S TV Box Amlogic S812 Quad Core Fully loaded Add-ons with KODI Cloud TV H.265 Airplay Miracast 3D Blu-ray 4K Stream media player Smart HTPC TV BOX 2G/8G
    Box did just start freezing again.Any suggestions?

  2. Doesn't work for me still buffers…. Or is it the server is bad? My internet is cable modem pretty fast…. Maybe because movie is HD? Tried a bunch of buffering fixes..but still not fix..but thanks for the video

  3. I have a situation I am using my TV remote and can't delete advancesettings.xml can you help me i have a Vizio TV and using a amazon fire stick which the remote of the fire stick is not working and tried to work with it but does not

  4. can anyone help.. my kodi 15.2 hasnt been the same for weeks, i use to get 1080p streams for programmes no problem, im lucky if i get 720 now and it buffers like mad for everything.. i run 60mbps download, so i know its not my internet connection.. ive cleared my cache and i also watched a tutorial on changing cachemembuffersize but still it buffers, i just dont understand how the streams i use to get have gone, for example when i watch game of thrones streams for diziliab were available in 1080p and loaded the episode in about 5 minutes, now it buffers like fu** for 720p , can anyone help?

  5. Hi Cesar, I just tried to follow your tutorial but when I try to install the Easy advanced settings I get a installation failed message. So now I'm stuck! Any help on how I can proceed would be helpful…thx

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