SPIGEN Volt Pack Case – iPhone 6S REVIEW

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Here is a quick review on the new Spigen Volt Pack Battery Case for the iphone 6s!

Should you buy this case? Watch my review and decide for yourself! For the price, it’s honestly not that bad! If you don’t want to spend a ton and want a good battery case, Spigen always has great cases and prices!

7 Comments on SPIGEN Volt Pack Case – iPhone 6S REVIEW

  1. I got this in the mail around lunch time, fully charged it and then some and left to go to the bank around 5pm. My phone was around 20% and turned on this baby. Finished around 6pm and had dinner and finished around 7pm and it indeed got the phone to 100% BUT you are right, I was left only with one light on the case.

    I was expecting two full charges but could it be that the lights could be misleading? I will test further.

    I also noticed that I was charging it with my phone inserted (but charging capabilities turned off) and when charging the battery case reached around ??90%?? my iPhone started charging. My understanding is that if the battery case is full, it turns into a passthrough and relays to the phone. I checked the instructions manual but no mention of it.

  2. The reason the battery in the case feels smaller is because it charges at a slower rate then a wall plug in so while it trying to charge phone it looses power too. Not to mention your phone is always looking for a cell connection, pushing notifications, and the battery is always running. So the phone is loosing power at the same time its getting power. If you were to not touch your phone and put it in airplane mode im sure it would give you 2 full charges. Or at least more then youre getting at the moment.

  3. Thank you for this helpful review. I just have one more question. Can I charge the Spigen Volt Pack Battery Case without my iPhone 6S in it?  We are waiting for a winter storm and I'd like to have several chargers ready for my iPhone.  Ramona Zaremba  punkinena55@yahoo.com

  4. Great video. I think this case is in the right price range for me. I current have a maxboost battery case, don't know which one is better. Maybe you can do a comparsion review on them. I know Maxboost VIPU reviewer program sends out reivew samples from time to time, I think you should check it out. Thank you.

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