Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6/6s Case Review

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6s case review
Best iPhone 6/6s case in 2015?
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This may be the best iPhone 6 case if you’re looking for an affordable slim case with good protection. This is the 4.7″ Spigen Ultra Hybrid review. One of the reasons I love this case is its low price and if you click the link above in the description it’ll take you to the best price on Amazon where you can order this case for yourself. The reason I bought the Spigen Ultra Hybrid for my iPhone 6 is because I had the same exact case for my 5s and I loved it. My 5s is still in perfect condition thanks to that case so let’s go over the best features of this new Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the iPhone 6. It’s called a Hybrid because it’s a perfect blend of a slim bumper and a full enclosed case, so you get good overall protection for your iPhone while keeping it slim and not adding much bulkiness. This case has a transparent back and this is the crystal clear model where…

27 Comments on Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6/6s Case Review

  1. super helpful review. was deciding between the tech21 evo mesh sport case and the spigen neo hybrid ex. it didn't take me long to realize that the ultra hybrid was the one for me. will definitely be ordering!

  2. The case fits real perfect and it protects my phone real good enough however few weeks after use the side turned yellow for some reason
    Does anybody has an idea how to remove that yellow thing?

  3. This case is only decent. I dropped my phone Front first onto a Rug which was on Wood and it failed to protect. My phone cracked across the screen. It did reduce the damage and my LCD was not damaged and it did do its job at every other angle (Back, Side, Corners) but that low % chance that u drop it front face first, It will probably crack. This fell out of my side jacket pocket. It fell about 3 feet. I did not do a drop test, I was at work when I pulled out a pen and my phone was in the same pocket.

  4. this case don't fit with the tempered full glas cover from spigen, its too tight and the buttons are hard to press on, I prefer the capsule one from the same company

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