Spigen Curved Crystal Screen Protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

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Double edged protection for the Galaxy S7 edge screen is what our Curved Crystal Steinheil HD protector is made for. In true innovative nature, the protective film is developed with precise curvatures to mimic the device’s screen for full coverage from edge to edge. With its exact cut-outs and clarity, the Curved Crystal delivers the original touchscreen experience while actively protecting your display in unhindered transparency.

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26 Comments on Spigen Curved Crystal Screen Protector for Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. i have a Slim Armor CS purchased from a local Spigen store… then when i also wanted to purchase Curved Crystal HD screen protector, i was told that it won't fit with the case i just purchased… they said that if i want to put a screen protector, the only case that wouldn't damage it is the Thin Fit… any chance of releasing a screen protector that would fit with your other cases?

  2. I just failed on the 1st screen, good thing there is 2 in the box but I will most likely fail the 2nd one haha. Seems impossible to get the protector stick properly on the edges. QQ

  3. I just got mine, after had a very hard time applying this using the manual and watch this video after that (because i can't believe it is that hard to apply), I realized that the front layer is missing and the Front label is on the protector it self..

  4. I just got mine and I am sure this is great product as every one by Spigen. I have noticed that way of applying protector in user manual in box and this shown on tje video is dfferent. Spigen can you tell me which user manual you suggest, this on video or the one I have got with the protector itself. There is not big difference in ways of applying but it still exist. Compare video and maunual in the product box.(when I should remove back part of screen protector=

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