Speed Test: LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 vs Nexus 6P (Running Android N Developer Preview 2)

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Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here: this is not a be-all end-all test. I ran basic apps that *I* use almost daily and wanted to see how the 6P stacks up against newer hardware.

28 Comments on Speed Test: LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 vs Nexus 6P (Running Android N Developer Preview 2)

  1. Dat 6p… Cant wait for thew new nexus this year!
    I just hope HTC dont f-up the camera, however the HTC 10 looks very promising, which makes me really excited for this year`s Nexus. I am planning an upgrade later this year, and it`s going to be the HTC10 or the new nexus. Looks like HTC got me on their camp. :D

  2. this video tells on me that upgrading new phone isnt necessery.. although there are many tech and feature these days. people usually just use half of functionality like social media. broswing and camera. yet 6p is a bit far behind over s7 . 2 seconds mean nothing in real life except you are a wwf keeper. lol

  3. Yes the over hyped s7 that is a couple of seconds faster than a previous gen phone just shows that Samsung are struggling. By getting into a spec war with other Android OEMs they no longer have any room to speed up other than much needed extra RAM. Where as the time Apple spent on optimisation means that even with two cores and half the RAM they can easily beat Samsung in tests like this. How far ahead will the iPhone 7 be in terms of speed and performance, though for my use the S5 does s good enough job, but for power users the s7 is disappointing.

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