Speaker Test Comparison Review! – G5/HTC 10/S7 Edge/P9

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Doing another speaker test for my viewers request on the LG G5, HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Huawei P9 4GB RAM variant. Enjoy!

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40 Comments on Speaker Test Comparison Review! – G5/HTC 10/S7 Edge/P9

  1. Nice comparison. G5 seems to be best here. HTC 10 is clear, but doesn't get that loud in comparison to the others.
    What's your experience of the HTC 10's high res DAC though?

  2. guys… loudness is not a measurement of quality , being the loudest doesn't make it the best. the HTC 10 wins to me, because it doesn't sound overblown like the others. like, it isn't harsh sounding, and has a more balanced detail. the s7 is way too harsh sounding, the p9 sounds like it is in a cave and overblown. the g5 is loud… but honestly sounds like it is being pushed too hard

  3. htc 10 sound really too weak despite having dual boom sound setup, g5 is far clearer and loud, p9 is really close there,even s7 edge did better than htc 10,in my opinion

  4. s7 edge's speaker is somewhat just average, above average at most. but I guess it's worth it given that it is because of the water resistance feature of it. disappointed at htc 10 tho. htc was the phone for audiophiles before. what happened.

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