South Korea’s Metropolitan Government sets up street warning signs for mobile addicts

South Korea’s Metropolitan Government sets up street warning signs for mobile addicts

We know that concentrating on the smartphone while walking on the streets can be dangerous. If it is that we find ourselves in bad luck, a catastrophe can stop our breathing forever, though we all are very much concerned about all those matters but there are a lot of individuals who are seen still busy with their smartphones while walking on the streets or crossing the traffic signal. Nonetheless, they also keep in their minds that a catastrophe can grasp them at any time, but with nothing to do, we all are glued to our smartphones. That is why South Korea’s Metropolitan Government has taken a step to warn its citizens with two particular traffic signs for mainly who are addicted to their smartphones while walking on the streets in South Korea.

The Seoul government divulged two movement signs as a part of an experimental run program. One sign, “Cautioning: Using Smartphone while Walking,” is for people on foot about the risks of getting hit by an auto while utilizing a cell phone while crossing the road. Another sign is “Walk Safely,” which is intended to demoralize clients from becoming mixed up in their telephones while strolling on the walkway.



Initially, South Korea’s Metropolitan Government with the help of the National Police Agency will set up those traffic signs in five districts in Seoul: Hongdae, City Hall, Yonsei University, Gangnam Station, and Jamsil Station. Because the administration has recognized as ranges that have seen high reports of cell phone related mischances from citizens in their 10s to 30s.

However, it is not only the first time that the South Korean Government has taken this concern for its citizens but like the German Government earlier in this month, along with the Australian government also took a step to aware their citizens setting up traffic lights on the ground for the Australian mobile user’s safety.

Though it is a very hard task to bring the citizens back from this habit but these cautions can, at least, reduce the percentage of catastrophes that happens with mobile addicted people around the world.



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