Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact is one of the best mini phones around

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By squashing flagship-level specs into a small, pocketable body, Sony has made a great mini phone.

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24 Comments on Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact is one of the best mini phones around

  1. I bought the z3 when it came out because of the all good reviews. there were all kinds of videos saying this was a good phone and how cool it was because it's water proof and such…. let me tell you something… I have owned 3 smart phones with no issues, but the z3 makes me want to burn it… this phone has given me so many issues. first off this phone is water resistant only if all the sockets are closes but the issue is the chargeing cover is shit and breaks easily which is why they give you two. it broke 4 months in. even with all sockets closed, if you put tye z3 in water the speakers are going to mess up. I can't use speaker phone anymore because sound is shit now due to the water. also the screen cracks very easily with or without a case. I get text messages late or not at all u less I restart my phone. this happens a lot. it's not my service provider either. also you can't set music for your alarm…. this phone is shit and frustrates me. I doubt the new one is any better. get the LG Optimus or the nexus then this piece of shit phone from Sony.

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