Sony’s Smart Contact Lenses can let you take pictures with your eyes!

Sony’s Smart Contact Lenses can let you take pictures with your eyes!

Sony has recently patented a brand new concept of smart contact lenses that you could use for storing and saving videos simply by blinking your eyes. And according to this Japanese manufacturer who elaborated the idea as “a contact lens and storage medium capable of controlling an image pickup unit provided in the contact lens.”

When companies like Google and Apple are coming up with such amazing smart wearables, Sony decided to step up its gears too. Google launched a lens project that can determine an individual’s level of sugar present in her blood. The underlying purpose of its creation is to help those who are suffering from diabetes. On the other hand, 3 weeks ago Samsung also filed a patent for designing a pair of contact lenses with an integrated camera for taking images, you simply need to blink your eyes in order to use it.


Seeing so many companies investing with tremendous intensity in smart wearables, Sony has also decided to raise competition by filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office to design smart contact lenses with a camera.

The patent describes a number of functionalities starting from zooming, focusing to even adjusting its aperture; the images are then directly sent to the connected smartphone or any other storage device. The wearer can even view those images right then without any form of media or screen for the image to fall upon.

The filed patent hasn’t been granted so far, but it will have sensors in order to determine the time a wearer takes to control her eyelids. Any usual blinks generally take from 0.2 to 0.4 seconds; however purposeful blinking takes more than 0.5 seconds, according to a statement in the patent.


For switching the camera on or off, the wearer needs to either keep her eyelids open or close. There is also a storage device where the videos or images can be automatically stored, and the best part is, you won’t be needing any external storage device for doing this. And this how Sony’s patent is different from that of Samsung in which the contact lenses require a separate smartphone for saving your captured images or other media files.

“The contact lens according to each embodiment of the present disclosure has an image pickup function and performs predetermined image pickup control in accordance with blinking or the like of a user,” 

the patent ship continues reading,

“This makes it possible to make an intelligent contact lens, thereby remarkably improving usability.”

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