SONY XPERIA Z6 – Leaks & Rumors

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look hear see…Another WhatGear inside scoop on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z6 due for launch in 2016. The chances are we will see the final completed version of the new Xperia at the MWC 2016. For now check out this WhatGear Word on the Street #WWOTS video and see what you think. Leave your comments and predictions in the comments

….but listen, hear, the first person here to spot the mistake wins a prize.

40 Comments on SONY XPERIA Z6 – Leaks & Rumors

  1. Guys, a Sony Xperia Representative on Twitter told me Z series is still going on, however there is a lot of confusion. I believe they are confusing their customers on purpose so they can launch the Z6 as a surprise killer phone.

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  3. All we want is a slightly better picture processing in consecutive shots and OIS on the camera!! The rest is fine to me, just need to be water-resistant and have expandable memory. :)

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