Sony Xperia Z5 VS Xperia Z3 – Speed Test!

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Apps, Multitasking and Gaming Speed test comparison of New Xperia Z5 and Old Xperia Z3.
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22 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 VS Xperia Z3 – Speed Test!

  1. Hi I have Xperia T25 old model but still very good,I'm using this for more than 3 years I wanted to swap it where I can go to swap it? pls let me know who ever know,muscat oman ,thnks

  2. im still impressed with my z2. well looked after and still has over a days battery life. its what all phones should be like without any battery worries. i get an upgrade in june but not sure if i should get a z5 or wait longer fore the next one

  3. Hm… I was considering a Z5 for a little while and a few milliseconds doesn't seem worth it for the average consumer. I've been told the Z5 does have a 8-core processor but it's not an 8-core like you'd find in the PS4. It's two 4-core processors so it alternates between the two processors. Plus, the Scree resolution. The Z5 should have the industry standard 1920×1080 screen resolution but instead has a 1280×720 resolution. That hurts. Hopefully they're using Z3 technology in the PSVR instead of the Z5.

    What are you gonna use the scanner for?

  4. Would be interesting to see some actual benchmarks though. If you were to open and close the same app perhaps 20 times, you'd most likely see a variation in which phone does it quickest as well. Something like a 3DMark run, and geekbench or something would be interesting to see. I seriously doubt it's worth upgrading from a Z3 to a Z5 though. If you have relatively recent flagship level phone, it'll last a good few years before it'll seem slow.

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