Sony Xperia Z5 VS Xperia Z2 – Speed Test!

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Apps, Multitasking and Gaming Speed test comparison of New Xperia Z5 and Old Xperia Z2.
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29 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 VS Xperia Z2 – Speed Test!

  1. i don't know if the problem is just on my Z2, but the ram management is pretty shitty:( but i still fucking love it, though the internal memory is pretty small

  2. I have not seen a single reason to switch from my Z2 to a Z5: neither in terms of speed nor the specs. The Z2 is still a great well-balanced phone. Z5 is way to expensive for no reason. it offers nothing essentially better that the Z2.

  3. not to mention when you're loading up apps then pressing home it just puts them in the recent apps so that's probably why the z5 starting winning because it handles it better

  4. The Z2 is such a beast of a phone, mine is 2 years old and I still can't really find any real reason to upgrade. The Z2 set the bar so high the Z5 needed to be something a lot more than it is. it is better, but I'd rather keep my Z2 and £650

  5. proud to own z2 over 14 months till now, i'm thinking of buying z5 but after watching this video I get back ! no much difference to get z5..z2 still struggle .. wish someone can port camera app of z5 to that of z2..

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