Sony Xperia Z5 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: first look

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As fans of mobile technology, we need to ask the difficult questions. In this case, the questions is: Can the Xperia Z5 rival the Galaxy S6? Well, here’s a first taste of that rivalry in our video!

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32 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: first look

  1. I had a Z1 for the last 1/2 years and i have a Sony BRAVIA HD TV + a PS4 so you could say i'm a Sony fan !. YET when it comes to phones i must say Sony kinda dissapointed me the "water proof " promise from Sony was BS! i held my SONY Z1 (with all cases closed!) in my kitchen sink for like 5 minutes playing a video and it did fine , so a couple weeks afterwards it started to show the first signs of screen damage not responding to my finger touches accurate atol . Next month i can pick a new phone and yes i'm going for Samsung on this one because it just has a better screen and cooler design but this is personal preference ofc.

  2. What kind of a moron can say that Super AMOLED screens have natural colors?!?!? Hahahahah
    They are pleasant on your eyes, but in fact that is trickery… Colors are so saturated by unnatural levels.. You can't find reds and greens in nature like on that panels.. I have one, typing on it right now.. (S6)…
    One more thing: colors are yellowish, especially whites… You get uesd to that but truth is truth and it needs to be told..

  3. Do you have any details on the Canada release and us release? Cause if it doesn't come to the US in the next month, I may have to order from Canada and I'm curious as to when.

  4. funny how All Sony fan boys jump all over these defending how much better they are and i only know one person with one and they're changing due to 6 issues with 3 phones. yes 3!! I love Sony but cannot forgive these massive big bezel brick designs over the competitions designs atm.

  5. I bought the xperia z2 last year. I know the phone looks flashy and cool at first. The wallpapers and the design look sexy. But sony phone's lifetime sucks. The updates are slow. The phone gets fucked after few updates.These are like 1-2 years use and throw phones. Never buy a sony.
    go for an apple or a nexus..Something that can last long
    fuck samsung too

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