Sony Xperia Z5 VS iPhone 6s – Speed & Camera Test!

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Speed and Camera comparison of Sony Xperia Z5 and Apple iPhone 6s !
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43 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 VS iPhone 6s – Speed & Camera Test!

  1. this guy maked test puting Stamina + adds to 3 gb ram fhd Sony z5. And the iPhone not using any power sabing. look the battery lvl when the video Starts on Sony screen. pretty sure he wasted 75% for make this low comparision.

  2. ios is so much optimized for the 6s cpu that make it faster,
    in app store if you open a game , it will tell you in the description that it's optimized for the iPhone 6s,this optimization make it faster not the cpu , the iPhone 6s is uncapable to run android, Android devices use raw power to run apps and games without optimizations, iphone 6s uses optimization in every app, optimizations in games(appstore) make the game bigger in mb in comparison with play store at the same game for the game to run properly on i6s or any apple device exept macs.

  3. the test arent accurate at all. for the browser test, sony clearly load faster. if its a new phone, there is no ad block, dun give excuses like ad block to make u feel happy for apple.

  4. When he opened WhatsApp and the z5 beat the 6s he claims he "didn't see it", we all know Sony clearly won that… But of course he has to re-open WhatsApp because Apple can't possibly lose… Apple fanboys

  5. Miraculously whenever the Z5 loaded quicker, you couldn't see, or it was "about the same"… (the first verge page easily loaded quicker on the z5)

    It's also much harder to compare apps as Android and iOS are completely different.

  6. I have a question. Z5 and Z5 Premium have similar CPU-s,also with 6s and 6s plus. In speed test between Z5 Premium and 6s plus Z5 Premium was clearly winner,but in this case 6s is winner. How is it possible?

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