Sony Xperia Z5 – Review

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The Xperia Z5 is a huge improvement on the Xperia Z3+ with a new fingerprint sensor and a sexy design, but there are still a few little issues stopping it from getting that perfect score.

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  1. The illusion of samsung pictures being better is a result of samsung's super amoled display, that gives more vivid and unrealistic colors, but consumes more battery life and is notably less visible on direct sunlight. Sony doesn't oversaturate the colors on their display, since they use ips lcd, that are much more visible on sunlight and power-friendly. comparing pictures taken with samsung galaxy s7 and xperia z5 on a third screen, I'm pretty sure they are equally good.

  2. I have always gone with budget phones, but I decided to buy the z5 premium phone, to finally get a good phone…. what a huge disappointment… the battery is rubbish… it will never last me a full day.. and when I'm doing video calls with the charger connected, the crap phone uses more power than it can charge… I've never seen that in any phone before… the camera is great, and the touch and feel of it is amazing… but what good is that when the battery makes it useless..

  3. this is by far the most aesthetically pleasing looking android phone on the market imo.

    If Sony would just work getting more performance and stability out of their phones as well as pushing the envelope in reducing the size of the bezel, i think they'll have a winner.

    Also, change their charging port to usb c.

    Oh…and keep that dark green color. DO YOU HEAR ME SONY. KEEP THE GREEN COLOR.

  4. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT BUY this phone. Xperia Z devices are notorious for self cracking screens leaving the screen COMPLETELY unusable. The fact that this is not as widespread as it should be is baffling

  5. wow i completely disregarded the sony phone because I didn't like a sony bluetooth that i used to have…..but wow im so glad i gave it a chance!! thanks for the video!

  6. I got this phone now for about 3 months and god damit … its just fucking sucks ! buttons feels wrong ! Lost sound in left headphone (fixed by sony) . bluetooth is glitching – conected but no sound ! screen stays active when calling and so on !
    I have other sony products at home and phone is the only one who goes ape shit ! dont buy Z5

  7. owner of a z2 here. been using this phone for about a year and a half and I absolutely cannot wait to replace it. less than a year in and my headphone jack stopped working. a year in and my sim card's jammed into the phone and I'm unable to take it out. camera is shit. video audio quality is shit. everything about it is shit. do not get xperia phones. they are shit.

  8. i have an xperia z1 right now and absolutley hate it.
    Floppy waterproof flip snapped off, phone freezes several times and have to wait until the battery drains out from 90% full just to restart is bad.
    Phone overheats when i put it in a case, and the screen bleeds.
    Time for me to renew my plan and in looking for a phone.
    i think im gonna pass on this z5.

  9. What i really like about this phone is:
    The system
    That you can play with a ps4 controller
    And camera
    All tho, i don't know if i should pick this or s6 edge.
    Help me please

  10. Just love Sony because of their backwards compatibility!!! These people still roll out updates for the z2 and the z3.. Samsung barely gives a single update.. Had two Samsung flagships before.. Both of them just got updated once.Yeah sony phones ain't flashy like the new samsungs and the apples… But they feel just so premium in the hand!! And these just perform!! They don't lag at all!! No issues whatsoever.. (The z3+ was a disaster though..)
    Btw I'm an apple fan!! And I'm looking forward to own the Sony z5!!

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