Sony Xperia Z5 Review: Is it Worth It? Over 1 Month Later!

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The Sony Xperia Z5 is one of Sony’s top smartphones for 2015. In this video I review the Z5 to find out whether or not it’s worth the purchase.

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42 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Review: Is it Worth It? Over 1 Month Later!

  1. you from toronto? Probably related to mark, rich, nick and Jay. Anyways, this is the worst phone i've ever bought been using it now for 4 months!! After upgrading to marshmallow, it constantly crashes and needs to be wiped using the sony computer application to reset the whole phone, talk about time consuming and a waste of money. Paid about $900 canadian for this POS. I don't know if it has anything to do with the snapdragon 810 chip or what. But I can sure tell you I'm going back to Samsung I've owned the s3 and the s5 international versions and they were both solid solid phones. I'm going to wait and get the Note 6 or the 7 depending on what they launch they are going to skip the 6 I believe to match up with the s line.
    But this Sony is garbage. It gets so hot to touch when it's running youtube or multiple applications and then it will just shut itself off and reboot, its like it needs to cool down and will restart itself, The phone itself is built from quality material and feels good in the hand, but man bugs galore. So disappointed with this purchase, so much so Sony should be paying me to use this

  2. ive been using this phone (e6853 version) for about 2 weeks. major apps installed (about 25) and i noticed that it really drains a lot of battery compared to the lg g2. the phone didnt last from 6am to 10pm at all. no way! maybe if you just using it not that often. mine will drain at 5pm… also the top back gets really hot. overall, the phone was below my expectations.

  3. for addition… volume buttom placement is dedicated for camera users…
    it is actualy work as zoom button beside the shutter button.. it does make sense at all…

  4. what i love about sony z5.. it is actualy water resistant (never tried submerging it with water for safety. :P), its Dual or stereo loud speakers performs perfectly (even theres a time i experienced unbalance sounds coming on it top speaker is louder than the buttom but it fix itself after a while), Less Flaps no more worries about loosing grip of those flaps, GREAT headset performance…
    camera is Ok what i dont like about it is its shutter speed is sligth slower than the others like on the s6 edge/s6 flat and iphone 6 that i recently had,

    finger print sensor is a bit worthless
    .i mean.
    i cant even use it cause 8/10 attempt to unlock it fails usoling the finger print sensor..I dont know if it is just my unit but..its annoying..

    the display… i have no problem with the crispness and vibrantness of this device but.. what i am concern about is..
    it is prone of white or bright pixels or part of the display that is brighter than the other since it uses ips technology..
    i found out that my device had it.. i dont know what triggers it or if it is already here out of the box..

    but over all..
    i love this device..
    there is no perfect device out there ever since
    but sony is continue IMPROVING as well as the others..

    sorry for my English im not that fluent…

    thumbs up fellow Z5 dual users have a good day!

  5. I have been watching reviews for the Xperia Z5 premium, I want to upgrade, and this is definitely the phone am getting. I am a Sony Fan boy, all the negatives I've watched so far are neither here nor there, like pixel distortion while viewing the phone sideways, who does that??? Thanks for the review, am sold. Sony Xperia Z5 premium it is.

  6. the experia z5 would realistically last for a few hours, although it says it will last 2 days. what it means is based on how often people use on a day to day basis, it will last 2 days with breaks in between not 2 days straight of battery. the user interface is getting outdated now and could do with a new clean UI. the one thing I do like however is that the phone has a very nice camera with optical sensor. it always has a very clean/sleek look, maybe not quite as much a s7 but still looks great.

  7. I got this phone about 3 months ago and I agree with the button argument, however the new update they did makes it way more sensitive and more responsive if you have oily or wet hands

  8. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. Don't make the same mistake I did buying an Xperia. I had a Z3 AND Z5 and both screens cracked BY THEMSELVES, now the screens don't work AT ALL. Absolutely no response to touch on the screen. HUGE mistake. Again DON'T BUY SONY XPERIA PHONES.

  9. the z5 for 450$ or the z5c for 400$? I'd love a smaller phone but ppl've told me that a z5c lags somewhat, unlike the z5 on which such a case is rare. is that true? :o

  10. Matthew, you sound like you are from the United States. Is this correct?
    I am also from the states, so I am having difficulty understanding why you say "Zed" instead of "Zee"
    For the letter "Z".
    If that is indeed where you are from, It doesn't make sense, you can say "Zee3/Zee5" because that is how we say it over here, remember?
    Very jarring.

  11. my biggest question about the z5 is recording. I have a z3 plus and while using the camera to record and or on Snapchat I tend to get a bit of a lag while recording or sometimes the camera shuts down for awhile. unaccpetable. I'm sure this can be fixed with a update of some kind , but is this a recurring issue with the z5?

  12. OK, it was a good review but what about the right handed people if they would replace the finger print scanner on the other side just to comfort the left handed people which will be very few as compare to right handed people i am sure…. so find another reason for not liking the finger print scanner, i am using that phone and its been a great experience for me.

  13. I'm still using my Xperia SL since it was released. It is still good and working well. It can handle big games like Asphalt 8. That is why I love Sony because it guarantee you to last longer. My phone has been put in the washing machine and it is still working. I will definitely buy a Sony phone than other flagship smartphone

  14. btw who really cares about viewing angles ?? no one sees his phone from side ……….. but I think poor viewing angles are better especially in Public places where everyone is trying to look inside ur phone ……………

  15. i just got the compact and i love it for packing all that performance into a smaller package. This phone honestly still feels big in my hands. I don't think there are any other options for me as someone looking for a smaller flagship

  16. Strange when he says the screen has bad viewing angles, the camera that films do not show that fact at all. The film shows that the screen is still colourfull in other angles. So whos wrong, his eyes or the camera lens he uses.

  17. Dude, did you even use it? It's the most slippery phone ever, just because of that frosted glass back. I own a z5 compact for a month and it desperately needs a case or I'll shatter its screen anytime soon

  18. As a Xperia Z3 user with the 6.0 Concept, the battery life is pathetic on the Z5, 3 hours isn't that great when the Z3 gets 7 hours SOT with extreme heavy use.

  19. i have an xperia z5 for about 4 months now. and i can say that it is very very good. the only problem that i have is the heating problem. over all the phone is great. i recommend buying the xperia z5 for those of you who are planning to buy. you will not regret it.

  20. Every one is entitled to their opinion really, he says the camera experience isn't as good as 4 other phones. It's a good thing some of us haves tested these phones and have a different opinions from his. The top most professionals can't be wrong and he be right really.

  21. Sony are the ones who said that 2k display is unecessary and has no major difference compared to a properly optimized 1080p panel and now they releaze a 4k smartphone. Ofcourse Z5 premium has the best display compared to any smartphone out there but come on guys isn't Sony the biggest hypocrite to say 2k is unecessary and introduce a 4k display?. Considering these things i actually think that the Sony Xperia Z5 is definitely among the best smartphone out there except for the processing department. For the camera everyone bashes Dxo mark saying that it announced the camera for being the best out there when its just okay. Guys reality check sony software processing sucks ass but their manual mode even though not giving full access to all manual modes which is a major bummer gives you the full potential of its camera, use Manual mode in the Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 premium it really kicks all other phones asses when the photos are taken from the manual mode and yes i personally tested Note 5, s6Edge, S6 edge plus, IPhone 6s and 6s plus,Lg G4, Lumia 1020 in both auto and manual mode. In the auto mode the Sony software along with the new update is atleast comparable to IPhone though not good enough in auto mode the Edge + and Note 5 are the best. When it comes to the Manual mode all others have a lot of manual controls but the Z5 and Z5 premium have the best images out of them all including night shots too.I tested these images taken on an LG Oled 4k tv and a Sony 4k tv and the Z5 was clearly the winner in manual mode. So Z5 and Z5 premium auto mode sucks but when the photos are taken from the Manual mode its hands down the best.

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