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Review of Sony’s latest flagship, the Xperia Z5. Is this device worthy of being 007’s smartphone? Let me know down below!

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23 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 REVIEW (AFTER 2 MONTHS)

  1. use the manual mode in sony xperia z5 and keep the steady shot on to recognize the difference between s6 edge and z5. Also the camera in s6 edge is more laggy compared to z5.
    Remember this before u give a perfect review of this phone.

  2. I can agree with the statement that water proof is rare in modern smartphone, as if water proof is outdated. In fact every phone should be water proof, except that making them water proof will require more engineering. Smartphones in Japan are all made water proof. Sharp, Toshiba, Panansonics, just to name a few. Sony is only one representative of them to the world.

  3. Good review. only thing I disagree with is your opinion on Sony's skin. I actually like their simplistic skin and recently installed the marshmallow theme from Sony and I'm even more comfortable now. I agree though, not the best smart phone but big sony fanboy and tried Samsung before and not going back. xperia z5 is my pick

  4. Hahaha… Iphone got a better camera… he must be joking?? Sonys skin is the more vanilla feeling out there… and really the best skin out there. It really is one of the best devices out there…. and better than iPhones latest.

  5. This will be my next phone,.,I would never buy a phone without expandable memory,the Galaxy s6 doesn't have this which is a bit of a let down .anyway I have had Samsung for years now and I'm fed up with them need something new.

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