Sony Xperia Z5 Review

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We’ve waited long enough for the Xperia Z5, and now, it’s time to give it the review treatment! Is it an example of a thought-out, polished Android smartphone, or is it too little, too late? Watch and find out!

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45 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Review

  1. i came for a video review but all i hear is whining bitch! hes so annoying since the beginning of the video and he kept just complaining!

    did it bring something not on the table, slippery, rough edges against your skin, no notes app, bla bla bla… and remove the shitty music from background…

  2. Sorry but this is a relly bad rewiew. This is a really good phone and you didn't say much at all about the good things about this phone. Plus the things you said about the camera isn't true at all. It's truly one of the best smartphone cameras om the market, especially when it comes to ladscape pictures.

  3. Wtf!! can't you ppl bring someone who can actually speak english?
    "Camera Shitter Key" Really? xD hahaha
    and the finger print scanner (not the most convenient place?) comon u ppl really have no idea about smartphones xD

  4. i was going to say it was all a joke and that I am sorry and a stupid sony fan girl…. but it's that the video kept on playing and I just couldn't hate you no more than how much I hate dj khaleds quotes. and let me tell you I hate dj khaled.

  5. Wow, I recently purchased the Z5 and trust me I think the guys who did the review are either completely incompetent or just plain ignorant. I don't think the phone is perfect, but their comments on the camera in specific are just ridiculous. If you are looking for realistic and honest review, just check somewhere else (for example Android Authority).

  6. What a bunch of babies. The phone has issues and for once a reviewer is honest about them instead of lying to the public (and themselves). It's a material object, and one that, compared to the competition, isn't as good. Get the fuck over it and just enjoy your Xperia. Thanks to Phone Arena for not giving a stellar review just to brown-nose a manufacturer.

  7. Unsubscribed, i have been with them for more than 3 years.. watched every review.. but this vid, is the last straw.. do a little research first before reviewing a device.. everything now is biased AF

  8. i stopped watching after the "not a good place for a fingerprint scanner" this is when i knew the whole thing was just going to be negative and SHARP EDGES? you are the reason phones look like the galaxy s3

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