Sony Xperia Z5 Review

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How does the Sony Xperia Z5 fare on an everyday usability level? Is it as good as the specifications would let you believe?

Quite possibly the best Xperia to date, retaining waterproof/IP rating but doing away with fiddly port covers and with marked improvements in the camera image results.

Josh puts the Z5 through its paces and gives his opinion in this hands on review.

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32 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Review

  1. this is why before i buy a phone i always watch reviews on youtube.whether it be andriod authority or phonarena…clove game me the best review for my Sony Xperia Z3 which i had a year ago.

    now I'm waiting for other reviews that clove might post particularly of my choosen phones which i might upgradr to this year.

    thanks Clove.

    keep up the great and honest reviews.

  2. Great review and great conclusion at the end there analysizing the tech industry.

    lol at people who think that being trendy, expensive, and well marketed means superior technology (lol apple).

    Sonny is one of the most underrated in this game. They make great phones.

  3. Could've updated the phone first before making this review?? Looks weird making a review with a update waiting in your notification screen? Camera overhaul is a major one and phone is faster with the new update too.. Furthermore the batterylife is great for me and it's nice and fast, together with that fingerprint sensor which is stellar!

  4. Wonderful review! In-depth and unbiased.
    Sony Xperia phones are the best; especially the Z series. Just like the review said, it doesn't get the recognition it deserve.
    Sony Corporation needs to market this device like the other manufacturers.

  5. Way way too expensive. But quality is top notch and they are slower at updates but do upgrade Android and seem to get it right with fewer bugs, in my experience. I would wait 3-6 months and prices tend to fall by 33-50% so a bargain at that price. A bit boring but cannot knock quality and specs and I would go for this easily over the Nexus 6p or the LG V10.

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