Sony Xperia Z5 Review!

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My full review of the Xperia Z5 from Sony after a week of usage.

Is this the Sony flagship you’ve been waiting for?

Where to Buy the Xperia Z5?

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48 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Review!

  1. Thanks! Finally! Someone who isn't biased or paid by someone else to review an Xperia Z5. Most of the reviews on YouTube are trolls, haters, biased, or paid by someone just to criticize that the Z5 is a bad phone which isn't true at all. Keep up the good work. You rock!

  2. Your very detailed on the the review, but your voice is dull/no mood at all. It seemed like you had only one tone of voice. Overall it was an alright review.

  3. bout the speed of the fingerprint scanner, it's slower than iPhone, yes, but it's for a good reason
    there has been reports of people complaining the fingerprint scanner works too quickly and they can't even read the notifications on the lock screen (not to mention those people who only want to check the time)

  4. @c4etech.. Never thought I would ever say something bad about India's coolest tech reviewer.. But Ash your similar pattern for full reviews has kind off becoming boring as its there for quite a while now. I mean it's great for smaller first impression videos but you need to bring in some freshness to bigger Full video reviews.

  5. marketing marketing… Sony needs to do something. They have have everything it needs. But they have to stop the incremental upgrades every 6 months…. Release a proper flagship once in a year and please optimize your beastly camera sensor as the software simply can't take advantage of it.

  6. @C4etech If I buy sim-free Nexus 6p from USA but boot it when I come to India, will it work with Indian sim or must the phone be set up initially with American sim only?

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