Sony Xperia Z5 Review: 3 Months Later!

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This is my review of the Sony Xperia Z5. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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40 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Review: 3 Months Later!

  1. Not a single mention of the front camera being shit. in low light environment the corners and edges become blue and distorted. I've had my phone swapped out because of this and it's still there, all three sony devices in the store had this problem too. they used a really shitty camera sensor on the Z5 line.

  2. about a month ago I switched from z3 to z5… my experiences with it is bad because it's almost the same device as the z3… the changes are very, very minimal… same quality Stereo speakers, almost same screen (z5s whitepoint is a little bit better), same camera quality (pictures and videos shoot with the z5 looks exactly like pictures from the z3), z5s battery life is worse than z3s (z5 is still great in battery but not so good as z3)…. only really improved thing is z5s design/materials. do not buy the z5 if you already have a z3 or z3+

  3. God, they really must have something wrong with their eyes. the viewing angles AINT at all bad. I seen several videos and everytime people say it has bad viewingangle, the camera do not actually show that fact. Kinda biaz review again. Don't get this Sony hate?

  4. I think the volume rockers are in a perfect position. Being right handed I hold the Z5 with my left hand and the the volume control position is awsome,come on people have a think about it!! I'm sick of crap reviews like this. You my friend are either left handed or an idiot

  5. Z6 Improvements:
    1. Better button placement
    2. Improved camera in low light
    3. Wireless charging
    4. USB Type C
    5. Some new colours (Not an improvement but just something new :P)

    And don't hate me on this but just maybe, a 5 Inch screen?

  6. So you told us that the speaker arent that loud but forgot to say the awesome hi-fi support the z5 has? its a big deal for me since i have a lot of flac files.

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  8. If you are a sony user you would realise that it is a great move and a great phone.. especially the frosted glass and the fingerprint scanner and above all the new camera sensor (the best according to DXO)… the best ram management… even my z3 is still smoother than some overrated flagships we have right now… i had a few doubts about battery life but seems like it is good… cheers!!

  9. sorry that video isnt good.
    3 months later would mean that you will talk about your experience and changes after updates.

    So its just another spec reading video and thats not very interesting :(

  10. It's a complete factor with no nonsense features… I think Sony makes the best phones now…. ppl talk about the wow factor…well most of the phones have just gimmicks no useful feature… Sony makes complete phone.. and i respect that

  11. thanks for a basic review like every single other one….. where is the real information about the phone after 3 months of use, what is crap, what in your personal opinion about the phone, i dont need to hear the specs AGAIN… i need too know what the phone is like to use actually….

  12. I was very impressed by the speakers on this device, so clear and nice. Glad i decided to buy this, not only that it feels amazing, the frosted glass on the back the none protruding camera

  13. Ive been using the Z5 for past few weeks and in general it is a great phone but what annoys me is that the fingerprint scaner sometimes doesnt recognize me and after few attempts to unlock my phone im forced to use the passcode anyway. I also find it quite slippery and finding a case for it its not easy.Still not sure wether i should go back to my iphone 6s or keep Sony.

  14. thanks for the video, but when you say it's not bad what do you mean exactly?
    and can you explain what other android smart phone better than this one? like a comparison video
    I have a Sony Xperia z2 and to be honest since the z2, Sony did not came out with any innovation or a much noticed improvement, they are lacking something I you said.I will keep my z2 (which is a great phone btw) until sony comes up with something amazing.

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