Sony Xperia Z5 Review!

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We take a look at Sony’s finest smartphone yet. Just how good is the Xperia Z5?

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41 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Review!

  1. Interesting, that whole 8mp vs 23mp thing confused me as I previously thought that more megapixels were better but after some research I have learnt better than that. I am getting a smartphone in 2 months, should I get a galaxy s5 or xperia z5, I know they were released at different time periods and this one is newer but the s5 is pretty awesome a lot of sensors, good quality and price. so s5 or z5?

  2. have you noticed a low volume from the Music player? I had the issue with my z3 and my z2, the reason I have skipped Sony for a while… but Liked the phone, the for a Music player, it sucked due to the low volume

  3. It seems to me that Sony gets a bad deal when being reviewed. It's always kind of looked down on. I think Sony's products are fantastic and by far the best performing out of the Android phones (save for Nexus or Google Play Editions of other phones). I'm considering getting either the Z5 Premium or Nexus 6P, but I wouldn't consider any of the other major ones.

  4. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT BUY this phone. Xperia Z devices are notorious for self cracking screens leaving the screen COMPLETELY unusable. Just a warning to anyone thinking about buying this phone.

  5. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. Don't make the same mistake I did buying an Xperia. I had a Z3 AND Z5 and both screens cracked BY THEMSELVES, now the screens don't work AT ALL. Absolutely no response to touch on the screen. HUGE mistake. Again DON'T BUY SONY XPERIA PHONES.

  6. wow what retard designed this pile of rubbish? Whats with the button placement???

    NO OIS???????????????? What year is this 1965?????? LOL

    Very poor effort sony. Go kill some whales and dolphins. Your good at doing that.

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