Sony Xperia Z5 Premium VS Sony Xperia Z Ultra Screen Comparison

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Comparison between the 1 month old z5 premium and the 3 year old z ultra, as you can see the screens are identical the z ultra has the best screen of any sony device, in some points i think it even has a better screen than the z5 premium it’s crisper the colors pop more, i’ve had experience with every single sony device but the z2, and i believe the z2 has this same amazing screen, as the z2 tablet also has the best screens of any sony devices beating the z4 tablet, i believe the z2 series had the best screen where the z ultra was released closely to them, why this is i have no idea i need to see a z2 to confirm this, the z3 is much brigther than any sony device i have ever seen, it’s MUCH brighter for some reason it beats all of them, the z3+ has an awful screen in comparison to any sony device but the z1 which uses a tft, still my baby, i do not know why the screen of the z3+ is worse than the z ultra but it is, and it’s MUCH worse i can do a compare of this too, infact i already…

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  1. I see that you dont enjoy making GTA videos anymore. So why don't you start with something you like? as far as i know, you like tecnhnic stuff, so do reviews on the phones, do review on your PC, and stuff like that! :)

  2. Already 2 years using sony z ultra. This is my favorite device from Sony, and still can not find a replacement. Z ultra is one of the most delicate and beautiful smartphones. Whether z5 premium with a diagonal of 6 inches, and the same would be replaced thickness without thinking. I hope will be of some Sony X Ultra. Thank you for the video. (Written by the Google translator, sorry for mistakes). Sadly, once bought such a device, you're just not in a position to decide on something else .. Sony Z ultra gorgeous.

  3. oh and the 4k scren thing is ridiculous i wouldn't even know that the z5 premium even has a 4k screen i entirely forgot it has one it's pointless i see zero difference

  4. Don't worry im not going to become a tech channel, i am just experimenting as i have for the last 1-2 years now, i get no views on videos so it doesn't really matter what kind of video i make i just make the ones i feel like making i guess.

    heres a preview of the z5 premium vs the z3+

    and yes both are showing a black picture

    The z5 premium is the best sony phone i had since my z1 sony did an amazing job on this phone, the screen is really good for being a backligbht screen and i love the design, i also love the subtle detail of the sony logo being alot fainter not as shiny silver.

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