Sony Xperia Z5 Premium VS SamSung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, iPhone 6S

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SamSung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus VS Sony Xperia Z5 Premium,
S6 Edge Plus VS iPhone 6S
z5 premium vs s6 edge plus
sony xperia z5 premium vs iphone 6s plus
SamSung S6 Edge Plus, iPhone 6S, Xperia Z5 Premium – 3 leading blockbuster, 3 leading smartphone world today , 2 operating system ios những androi and for different strengths and weaknesses . Check out detailed assessments compare the blockbuster this.
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41 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium VS SamSung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, iPhone 6S

  1. szia tudnál segiteni, telefont akarok venni de nem tudom melyiket z5 vagy s6 ? Néztem teszteket de a z5 képe nem olyan éles és a video sem mint az s6 nak és a hangfelvétele is sokkal jobb szerintem mint a z5 . Az akummulátor idő is 5 óra az s6 nak és kb 4 ora 10 perc a z5 nek. A samsung gyorsabb is. SZóval akkor vegyek s6 ot bár nem tudom az csak 16 megapixel de a 23 lehet nem olyan jo?

  2. Before sony get good brightness on their phones AND a physical home button I wont buy it. I absolutley hate to waste space on the screeen for buttons that could easly been put on the cover.

  3. YOU ARE A TOTAL IDIOT.CAN'T YOU SEE SONY CAMERA IS GIVING ORIGINAL COLOURS ? and when you zoomed the first picture sony is giving more detail and a clear look than s6 edge.and also while rotating keyboard sony was fast

  4. does apple pay you to kiss apple's ass like that?? Every iphone is the same nothing special at all… some small upgrades.. ugly design!! same bored menu.. real bad comparison

  5. I chose the z5(not premium) because I fancied a change but was unpleasantly surprised at how the z5 worked with particular things.

    no headphones , really dim display, quiet speakers, a camera that to be honest doesn't capture light very well, a lot less customisable options than the s6+ , I personally also don't like the fact that there was always 2 different apps trying to do the same thing ie photos , videos, and the music app was terrible.

    swapped to the s6+ and I'm really happy to make the switch. I didn't mind the z5 but in my opinion leagues behind Samsung.

  6. sony z3 is my daily driver. my iphone 6 stays at home on my desktop…. Its nice that you can now use webwhatsapp on ios…. and imessage is nice too, but i love to real text with sms via mysms. and thanks to IF i can sync my pics through plattforms.

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