Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Screen Repair – Charging Port Fix – BEST Teardown

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HERE is the replacement screen!:

HERE is the smart phone tool kit:

Charging Port:

GOLD replacement Back:

WHITE replacement back:

BLACK replacement back:

Side Buttons:


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26 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Screen Repair – Charging Port Fix – BEST Teardown

  1. +JerryRigEverything
    Hi is it possible to replace proimity switch in normlal xpriaz z5 ? it is stiked to motherboard and min doesnt work i dont know what o do

  2. hellow nice videos yesterday i did a glass separation from the lcd with the wire on a z3 but in a corner i went inside the plastic top layer of the lcd 2 or 3 pixels are white now and the corner that is separated is blury, can i use loca glue to fix it visualy? is only 5mm in the corner. thanks keep up with your videos you are making me repair phones for fun

  3. Hi man, I'm from Argentina and I bought my Z5 ( E6603) in usa unfortunately, back in my country i broke the screen. There's no tech support for this model here so i managed to get the display and lcd screen and replaced it myself watching your video but i'm having the following issues with the screen.

    To begin with the notifications led turns red ramdomly and it causes the phone to continuosly reboot, secondly the screen is black and shows no image although the touch screen works as i'm able to feel the vibration and sound as well, I mean i can even take pictures with flash on but the screen is still dark. I know the new screen works because it sometimes shows the image as if nothing had happened.

    I've read lots of sony forums and i think it has to do with the flex cables sticky covers because the new screen didn't had them at all, may be it's creating some sort of interference? i'm not sure.

    I hope you can help me and give me some advice,

  4. I replaced my Z5 Premium's display screen recently and now the display went off every time I'm online a call. I've checked everything and people suggest there's something wrong with the proximity sensor. Do you know how to fix this?

  5. Loce your vids, what phone do you use as your daily driver? Could you make a video telling us how you got into this sort of stuff and little about your life, if that doesn't bother you

  6. okay so I replaced the screen on my phone and did everything in the video but my phone will not turn on when the battery is in, it will blink the song screen when plugged into the charger without the battery in. any suggestions? by the way this video REALLY helped!

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