Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Review – The 4K craze continues…

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Sony has REALLY touted the Z5 Premium’s 4K screen… but is that really the most important aspect of this device?

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43 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Review – The 4K craze continues…

  1. Does anyone know of a smartphone that plays good crisp/sharp 1080p video? I watch a lot of movies/videos on my phone and I currently use a Galaxy s5, which has a 1080p display, but videos look like crap compared to a lower res phone playing 1080p content "in my opinion".

  2. If this phone came out before (or at the same time as) the Note 4, I would have gotten this instead. This has FM RADIO!!! Note 4 doesn't!!! 🙁 The only reason I got Note 4 and not Sony Z3+ is because of its bigger screen size.

  3. Funny to see you ignoring that luxurious 4K screen buhahahhahaha don't u compare it with your iPhones lol things are different apple sucks money by delivering low specs uh the battery buhahahhahaha

  4. don't think i'll ever buy another sony phone in my life. I bought a Z3 and put it in a VERY durable case. I work in the trades and when going up a ladder I broke the screen (spidered). Literally broke the screen in my pocket with it in a case by raising my leg to get up a step on a ladder. Then bell charged me $150 to repair the screen and told me I dropped it. _''

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  6. Man O man this iPhone junkie with his backward technology can stay in the past, iphone died when it's creator put some shit together and called it a 'phone' while it should have been called 'A piece of shit' do you know why '' so many'' people still but iPhone?cause they don't know about 'Technology.' period.

  7. Android itself doesn't support 4K because why in the hell do you need a 4K resolution to show text, circles and rectangles? Is drain battery for no reason! I guess that system will never support this.

  8. Dude don't get so hung up on the screen. I LOVE THE FACT THAT MY VIDEOS AND PICTURES have always looked AMAZING! on my tv coming from my phone. SONY CANNOT BE BEAT!

  9. I feel like this was not exactly fair. I don't know this phone's price, but it's in the range of the Note 5 here in the Middle East. And you basically recommended the Note 5 for its great Screen, software, great camera and good battery life. The Z5 has a good screen, near stock android software, also a great camera, better battery life, front facing speakers and a micro sd card slot. So, if the price is right in Canada/US, I don't see a problem recommending this.

  10. 4k display that size makes sense only on VR device. Depending on screen size even 720p can be enough. Can't imagine needing more than 1080p on phone size devices.

  11. If all android phones came out with the top specs and every phone is equal to each other. That's fine with me I have a s6 edge plus for the sceen and the features

  12. It sounds like Sony is making the same mistake that LG made with the G3. That insane resolution display is only as great as the hardware will allow to be (and, in this case, the software). Personally, I would prefer a 2k, or even 1080p screen with, say, a high end processor which actually stays cool enough that it doesn't feel like your phone is about to melt itself. Better yet, why don't we make batteries which can handle this crazy performance we want out of a phone? That 4k display is uesless if it'll only run, say, Angry Birds in 4k for about two hours.

  13. I love Xperia phones, I've had them for 4 years straight now except for a few months when I was using a Nexus 5 which is also an incredible phone.

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