Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Review

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The world’s first smartphone with 4K display, and Sony’s high-end phablet for 2015. The Xperia Z5 Premium certainly has the bling to catch the eye. But does it have what it takes to persevere in the highly competitive market?

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34 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Review

  1. fool, you suck dick, matter of fact you are probably on the nuts of Samsung and iPhone, which as a customer I can tell you they suck a mean ass dick! I've switched from my nokia 1520 and Samsung s6 edge plus, and this phone just rocks, sure it could use a few tweaks, but I bet if Sony made them, all your other phones would be blown to shit off the map, trusssst!!!

  2. Ever since the Xperia Z line has come out I've always wanted Google to work with Sony to make a Nexus phone.

    I'd love to have this phone with stock Android without having to flash it unto the phone. That industrial design reminds me of a sleeker, iPhone 4.

  3. Phone arena is the most corrupt phonesite. Z5 premium has just only 7/10 points that is absurd. In almost every independent test Z5p wins, only worthy rival is note 5.

  4. I've never watched so Samsung and iPhone biased review ever!! c'mon man This is the best of engineering sony is offering you ryt now in market and you are just pointing out the negatives only? are you more genius than sony engineers? well you're not. Sony is the Best manufacturer when it comes to quality and getting the value what you pay for. keep reviewing plastics like Samsung but you idiots don't deserve to review a Sony Device. Love Sony.

  5. I agree with most of the points at the end of the video. Sony should have put 4gb of ram in all its flagship models to stay competitive against other flagship class devices. The 3gb was already on last year devices and will continue to be considered a 3rd tier behind phones with 4gb. Same concept goes with the z5 compact where they even skimped more and went with 2gb yet not slacking on the rest of the specs which was a huge disappointment. Otherwise the phone is really great.

  6. Few minor issues that can be solved with a software update and the design is up to the users choice not sure if I'd go with Sony again though. After using the Z1 which was brand new at the time it needed a software update which could only be done using a PC which I was getting mine repaired at the time and it bricked itself because the software that came preloaded on it had a massive flaw were it would refuse to charge even through when I would plug it using the cable included or any other micro usb cable I had would fail to charge but it would instead display a red L.E.D and a battery showing empty. It was happening to tons of other phones as well At the time.

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