Sony Xperia Z5 Premium hands-on: the first 4K display smartphone

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At IFA 2015, we had the opportunity to get our hands on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. This is the world’s first smartphone to come with a 4K display, which is enough to get a geek excited.
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30 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium hands-on: the first 4K display smartphone

  1. I was certain that I will buy LG V10, but this phone seems absolutely brilliant, because it will feel more confortable in my pockets but it has incredible specs. When will it be released in Europe?

  2. Good & very nice, but after the (terrible, awful, etc etc.) experience with my Z3, the 4 repairs, the unresponsive customer service, the phone still at repair after 8 months… after all this….
    Anything else, but never again a Sony. Bye.

  3. The 4K screen is a nice gimic. Lets the user view 4k REC videos on the phone. Big deal. You'll want a 4k flatscreen to view it. Or a 4k+ monitor. So really I don't see why one would be interested in this phone. Are there Sony smartphone fans?

    What I'm surprised at is that the Samsung Note 5 is still the only phablet to have a built-in silo for it's stylus. Why? Why hasn't any other manufacturer put out a 5'7" + phone WITH an included stylus? Maybe in the iPhone 7.

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