Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Bend Test, Scratch Test, Burn Test – Durability

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Its that time again… Durability testing ALL the major SmartPhones. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is next in line. The scratch test went well. The screen holds up like the majority of the other phones on the market.

The Flame test revealed that the screen does not hold up well to

Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit:

The bend test… showed that the phone can bend and break… but not catastrophically like the Nexus 6p or the HTC M9.

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The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
And this Metabones adapter:

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30 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Bend Test, Scratch Test, Burn Test – Durability

  1. No es verdad pendejo de mierda si se ralla la pantalla no se crean de este pendejo este es un FAKE puto de mierda y recalco que yo cuido bastante mi smarthphone ….

    a lo que voy este celular es un poco mas resistente que otros a las rayaduras no obstante no se ballan con la finta de este puto que dice que no se ralla si se raya y mejor protejanlo con una Mica de cristal templado…
    Pinche pendeeejo de mierda

    Not really fucking stupid if the screen is not created ralla this asshole this is a FAKE fucking shit and I stress that I care enough my Smartphone ….

    what will this phone is a little more resistant than others to scuff not yet Ballan with this fucking fake who says he does not scratch if scratched and better Mica Safeguard it with a tempered glass …
     fucking asshole

  2. We need Nokia to build an Android phone! If Nokia had made the phone your thumbs would have broken 😛
    But seriously, Lumia phones have taken bullets for people

  3. Maybe in the Xperia X series that is supposed to succeed the Xperia Z series, they might reinforce it in the weak spots. I have a Z3 and it is a great phone too. It doesn't have a 23 MP camera but a 20.7. It has been used in the flagship Xperias for a good while and is a very nice camera also. If I ever need to replace the battery. I would look into getting a sapphire lens similar to that of the iPhones and if is mounted in there in the same way as the iPhone lens, you would have to take the back off and it would become fairly easy to remove it. I once knew of a website that sells the sapphire lenses and you could get them in many sizes even with a slight bevel on the edges if you want. Later I might google that again. If I find it, I will put it in a reply. It seems that our lenses are either cheap glass or some sort of acrylic. Before I mess with my good Xperia Z3, I have an older device with the same camera to try it with first. It looks like with a sharp enough instrument the lens may be pryable and thus leaving room for the real one. If you decide to get the sapphire, get a decent caliper and measure the one you have removed (transparent part and not the part with the ring). They have them in varying thicknesses too and they are not all that expensive surprisingly.

  4. Watched this from my Z5premium chrome ? Awesome phone but can't justify so high price. The screen is very good but nothing special in this price range. 4K is more like gimmick, hardly noticeable difference compared to 1080p from normal distance. At this price it should be unibody stainless steel or aluminum, not like it is: plastic body with stainless steel surroundings. (bad sony, bad ?) Otherwise I like it alot ?

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