Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: A 4K Smartphone!

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A 4K smartphone!

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29 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium: A 4K Smartphone!

  1. i had the z1 and i have the z3 right now, from personal experience, seeing top of the line samsungs around and iphone 6+s sony has been the right purchase for a while ….. light android skin and a powerhouse when it comes to performance, always has a great screen and crazy camera, always waterproof, battery life on this one is 2 days XD the phone can last a few years and youll always have bragging rights for having the first 4k screen ever in a smartphone

  2. For those who already bought this phone, don't be so sad. Even through we cant always see the different between 1080p/1440p and 4K. We still have a one of a great display in the market and it is bigger screen than z5. I can actually see some different between my z1 and this new z5p, not much but still better. Nonetheless,z5p also got 4K upscale software support, well maybe this is also one of the advantage compare to others 2k display. It is just a phone, enjoy it

  3. I should be noted at with 4K once you get a certain difference from the screen depending on the size, the 4K becomes unrecognizable. When you get a 4K TV you need to do a bit of math actually to figure out the TV size you need so you're in the Goldilocks zone were you can see the difference on your TV. So with a smartphone that butter zone is going to almost just be WAY smaller. Just stick with 1080p pixel fuckers when it comes to phones, it's cheaper and doesn't eat your battery.

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