Sony Xperia Z5 long term review (3 months later)

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We re-review the Sony Xperia Z5 after 3 months to see if we still think it’s worthy of five stars, the score we gave the Z5 in our original review.

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I’ve been a big fan of Sony’s premium smartphones for years now. The combination of slick design and desirable features make them must-have mobiles, with the only notable exception in recent times being the hot-enough-to-roast-your-marshmallows Xperia Z3+. A minor blip, thankfully, as the Xperia Z5 flagship which followed was everything I hoped for – certainly enough to warrant the full five-star rating in our in-depth review.

But how does the Xperia Z5 fare after a few months of use? Has the love dwindled, or is there still a Z5-shaped…

15 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 long term review (3 months later)

  1. ive had an older Xperia Z phone and it cracked the same by being in my front pocket of baggy jeans. I replaced the back and placed it on my bedside cabinet, next morning another crack.
    I assume its made of the most brittle glass imaginable. it essentially puts me off another Xperia Z phone, which is a shame as its been an awesome phone. just cant deal with its self destructive build quality

  2. how much screen on time do you get on an average charge? im looking to upgrade my z3 but i really dont want to move myself to a phone with much weaker battery

  3. great review thx! I had a z1c and switched to a moto x play. It's not cutting it for me so i'm considering the Z5 and was hesitant because of the s7 release soon but I'm not sure the s7 will be any better… Thx again!

  4. Hi guys! I need some help! I recently bought an Xperia Z5, and I have a very strange problem. I never heard anything about this kind of problem. I have bought Samsung earphones(with microphone), and if someone is calling me, I cannot hear it, but if I answer using the phone I can hear the other person, and so does he. I cannot mute the music too. The problem is not with these new earphones. Yesterday I have tried a cheaper one, which had only one(answer) button, and it was working, I could turn on/off the music.
    This could be a software problem, or Sony devices are working perfectly ONLY with Sony earphones?? I have a Sony earphone, but that does not have a microphone.

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