Sony Xperia Z5 Hands-on – IFA 2015

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We get hands-on time with the Sony Xperia Z5 at IFA 2015. The new flagship Xperia, here to make amends for the few but critical areas the Z3+ let the ball drop. It can record 4K for more than ten minutes without overheating, sports a secure fingerprint scanner and a new improved camera sensor. It still brings with it all the benefits of a flagship Sony phone though: Xperia Privilege free movies, the tried and tested Omnibalance design, stereo speakers, a 5.2-inch FHD display and Snapdragon 810 processor paired with 3GB RAM.

37 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Hands-on – IFA 2015

  1. I want this phone so bad!!! but I don't have much money… 🙁 we'll see when the holiday season is upon us, of that situation changes 😛 hope so!

  2. Hi and welcome , plus I wanna say thanks for the review, but I myself and most of SONY fans out there want to know the release date of tgis awesome device , I have Xperia Z2 from it's release and I really plan to upgrade to the new Z5 , please would you notify me?

  3. or voice features with Bluetooth function, eg "OK Google"? In previous models, service and support center Sony Mobile says (informed) that the Xperia does not support Komed voice via a Bluetooth headset – Google maps navigation messages are also not transferred to the Bluetooth speakers. Sony should first improve the basic functions of the phone, because it is a phone and not a toy.

  4. Crazy Beautiful phone!
    Absolute Beast. Sophisticated and powerful!
    My only concern is that I don't Find the volume rocker position to be suitable for a right handed person

  5. the new UI is ordinary and i dont like the white background of appdrawer and if they want to go stock then go completely stock otherwise keep the good modifications, their old UI was much better with that side tray….the back is now matt which makes the glass used in back questionable….i mean why use glass if you want a matt finish, use metal for that case….and metal will also compensate heating problem…but everything else is good.

  6. Hmmmm. First to Samsung and the lack of microsd card in the S6. FUck you sammy and your bulshits using the metal frame as an excuse to not implement a sd card…
    To sony. C'mon you could do better. No OIS? No open aperture like the s6 and G4… your phone will take a big hit on the test. We dont want more pixels. We want a solid camera. A camera that takes shot when i press the key, and doesnt wait 1 second to do it(the wrost fault in sony cameras) About the 810. Just pray it doesnt over heat, if not this Z5 series will be a flop
    Taking that, this wont be the next champ in the phone arena, but it will be a solid contender with a great battery, great performance, great ui, water proof, and quite nice to look at it. And best. It has a microsd card.
    Lets see if the 810 behaves well in the over heating department. If it does, my galaxy S5 will have a new contender for the place in my pocket

  7. I still use the z1, it's finally time to upgrade! the always good thing about xperias is the battery life, I feel like I'm downgrading from the z1 3000mah to the z5 2900mah, I know lolipop doesn't use much and the CPU is better in that regard. but still. anyways I'm buying it for sure. I record a lot of videos while swimming on the beach, I keep it in my pocket! LOL! I love xperias! :D

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