SONY – Xperia Z5 Flagship Smartphone

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Check out the latest from Sony Xperia Z5 in classic WhatGear style. There’s some really cool interesting new specs. The Z5 is shaping up to be a fantastic flagship phone….but is it cool enough for 007? watch this video and see.

11 Comments on SONY – Xperia Z5 Flagship Smartphone

  1. I hope it doesn't have a stupid fingerprint scanner. And especially not at that position.. Rather it be on the back because the volume keys being that low is really, really ugly and bewildering.

    Every fucking phone has that now and it's horribly stupid and insecure. A hacker or government can get your fingerprints and easily frame you or open fraudulent accounts in your name. At least the button is on the side and i can hopefully cover it with a case and never use it, unlike samsung or apple where it's impossible not to.

    I hope the back is metal or has a solar panel integrated.. Those would be pretty cool.

    The front needs to of course have dual speakers, it needs to have micro sd, a battery at least 3100mah, a solid camera (which they always have, but the software is never able to make it shine for some reason), gorilla glass is a gimmick and makes phones easier to scratch. Just plain tempored glass is significantly better. It off course needs to be waterproof, hopefully it has some dock pins, the latest Cpu like an 820 and 4gb of ram would make it a beast.

  2. wow I have a z3 was about to upgrade to mote 5 but I seen some vids on my wall on leaks of this phone a day before I went and I said fuck that I'm waiting for Sony to drop this…

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