Sony Xperia Z5 First Look

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Sony returns with a new camera and a fingerprint reader in the Sony Xperia Z5.

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36 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 First Look

  1. great phone.. i love it so much that i bought one. on gold. but now the sad story starts. the first device had poor built quality…the side trim panels were chipped on the corners(visible only from the back)…. you had to look very closely to see it .. and were not perfectly attached to the chassis…. it was a small gap on the top right corner that you could barely see it … goodbye waterproof.. i m so glad that i didnt put it in the water …. so, i sent it back and i got another one …. that it wasnt chiped but had the same problem wit the side trim.. but now it was where the fingerprint sensor is and camera button … how the built quality can be so low ??? its their flagship !!! the camera is awesome …. i love it .. and the focus is lightning fast … now i m waiting for my third handset and i m hoping that its not gonna be the same like the first two … then i would be forced to go for a different brand… but its nothing that i like on the market right now ….

    I had my samsung phones for over three years and now i have to go back to using it
    My pos xperia, camera doesn't work, screen got smashed WITH a cover on it, doesnt work well in water, extremely glitchy and doesnt have much memory

    Ive had this phone for less than a month and when i asked what the trade in value is

    They said nothing


  3. I can pick a new phone in a month or so last 2 years i was stuck with a Z1 witch when it came out was pretty impresive but over the 2 years i had it in use it showed some major issues the first couple where minor but irritating : Lose of phone contacts out of nowhere , screen glitching not responding (this probably had to do with the water tests i gave it holding it into a bathtub stuff like that all tottaly according to the IP68 rules ) . Probably the biggest problem with the Z1 was the battery witch was draining the shit out of the performances. So all in al i cant say i'm that excited to be stuck to another Z phone from the Sony series probably head over to Samsung and see what they got .

  4. Too bad they don't have the premium with frosted glass body to reduce fingerprints or closeable charging ports.. it defeats the purpose of being water/dust proof and I think are easy fixes. Also, I don't understand the mirrored back it's like the easiest and vainest way to make your phone near-invisible.

  5. Standard Xperia Z5 is downgrade from my old Xperia Z. Main features are halved screen resolution, with smaller screen. Only the same 2GB RAM and storage is not much good either offering only double what was standard 3 years ago with the Xperia Z…
    Surprising really…. Wonder how long people will have to wait until the Premium model drops down to affordable prices.

  6. Listen guys, i had all 3 major companies xperia z3 lg g4 and galaxy s5, xperia z3 is my best choice ever, galaxy s5 is also great but nothing compares to xperia, and about lg g4 i dont even wanna talk it disappointed me so much, its ugly, massive, and battery drain ridiculously fast, lg of all three for me is major fail, im considering getting z5 now but at the moment im very satasfied with z3.

  7. I'm looking for a new phone with features similar to samsung note 4 but I don't want apple at all….any suggestions as far as current and upcoming phones? please help

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