Sony Xperia Z5 Compact White – Unboxing!

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Unboxing of Sony’s smallest Z5 trinket.

Did you know Z5 compact with fingerprint technology is on Amazon US –

21 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact White – Unboxing!

  1. how much did you buy it for ? i live in india and will request my cousin in U.S to order one for me ,i just wanted to know the price and the website frm which you bought it . please help me out with this ! thank you !

  2. How do you like this phone in comparison to the Sony Z3C? I have the Z3 however after some cosmetic damage and drops, I'm wanting to go back down to a compact phone (I originally had a Z3C, but it was stolen). Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  3. That's my phone. It's quite nice! Exactly the size I needed, plus its incredibly easier to use with one hand than other smart phones out there (small hands) I assumed it would have slow processors due to size but it didn't really affect speed.

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