Sony Xperia Z5 Compact vs Z3 Compact – IFA 2015

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Another IFA another Xperia and in this video we’re comparing the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact against the Z3 Compact in a head-to-head vs hands-on. Both phones pack 720p 4.6-inch displays, 16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM and front-firing speakers. The differences lie in the new fingerprint scanner in the Z5 Compact, as well as its Snapdragon 810 processor and revised design, not to mention the new camera sensor. For more on how the two Xperia Compacts stack up against one another, check out our video and fire any questions in the comments section below.

25 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact vs Z3 Compact – IFA 2015

  1. I wish a Z6 Compact would come out with a rounder design language, because those sharp edges are not comfortable to the palm of the hand. Unfortunately, we're seeing with the Xperia X that Sony has crashed and burn like Lenovo.

  2. guys,for real,now i have 170 bahrain dollar,the z3 compact is 110 BD, and the z5 compact is 140 BD, so in 13/5/2016 i will buy a new sony xperia phone, But,
    i don't know who should i buy between the z5 compact or the z3 compact because, the z3 compact when you use it, you will feeL Like this isn't z3 compact, it,s so Hot Like FIRE,so please guys, anyone, Tell me who should i buy…

  3. The z5 US version has no fingerprint scanner. The adaptive brightness is also worthless compared to the z3 or the iPhone 3G. Without the fingerprint scanner the button design means your going to use two hands to get to the volume button.

  4. Do you think that it's worth buying? I really need a new phone but I can't pick. I'm really doubting between the Z3 and the Z5 compact, if you're wondering why not Z5 is bc it's just too expensive. I don't need anything special never use camera etc. All I want is a good display to watch youtube/movies on, audio/speaker quality has to be good and hard. Processor has to be fast and battery life has to last long. Is the Z5 compact a good choice or should I go for the Z3?

  5. Very nice review. I believe you forgot to mention the new Z5 has a fingerprint reader and will soon receive the Marshmallow update where the Z3 probably won't.

  6. Why can't Sony please put a plastic back cover and a few tenth of a millimeter to the screen glass so the compact becomes usable out in the real world. I really love both my z3c witch I have repaired for allmost as much as the phone cost and broke the second screen on in 8 month. 🙂 And the z5c I sort of regret buying cause it does'nt run as smooth as the z3c despite the more powerful cpu. Or better yet, ruggedize it a little more and call it z5 Active. :-)

  7. i have both and the z3 comact is a smoother experience.noticably smoother 🙁 but the camera on the z5c is waaaay better.but apps loading and multitasking is better on the z3c. kind of disappointed

  8. Just bought my self a Z3 Compact.. Waited for the Z5 Compact to arrive, but honestly the difference in specs between the two is not worth the extra money if you ask me. Its nice to think that even though the Z3 Compact is now around a year old, its still pretty decent spec wise

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