Sony Xperia Z5 Compact unboxing and set-up

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We unbox the long anticipated Sony Xperia Z5 Compact on video, complete with a quick set-up and fingerprint assignment. Thanks to its flagship spec and small size, the Z5 Compact has virtually no competition in the Android world, with just the iPhone 6s and 6 doing a similar thing over in iOS land. Under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and microSD expandability by no less than 200GB. That means you can get more memory on here than is in some Macbook models. Bonkers. What’s more, Sony has even crammed in waterproofing, stereo speakers and a fingerprint scanner. Enjoy the unboxing, stay tuned for the review and fire any questions in the comments section below.

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  1. 6:33 "Good! touch again. Great, keep going. Well done. Doing great. Keep it up. Good, continue. Move your finger a little. We're getting there. Touch again. Good. Nearly there. Just a bit more." aaaaaaand phonegasm!!

  2. What is the battery life like, I literally wanted a small phone with an sd card and fingerprint scanner but with better cpu than my Z2 I just need to know how good the battery life is.

  3. The iPhone 6s has about the same pixel density, 326 ppi vs. 319 for the Compact. The iPhone 6s has 2GB of RAM as well! The Compact is only 1.8mm thicker than the iPhone 6s, but is 11.3mm shorter and 2.1mm narrower. So this is very much a competitive phone!

  4. Just bought it and I always think the packaging is part of the mobile experience. This must rank as the most boring and unimaginative packaging ever! Was it created by sixth formers for a school project? Surely Sony have better creative artists employed that can do a better job. They should take a leaf out of OnePlus and see what can be done. I was just underwhelmed

  5. How is the color reproduction vs the Z3 Compact and iPhone 6? I used to have trouble editing photos on my Z3 due to the display being cold even if I tried to fix the White Balance in the settings. Thanks!

  6. I wish the design wasn't so blocky, it makes it look thicker than it is and it cheapens the overall feel of the device. The regular Z5 feels much classier in comparison, it looks well proportioned. But i guess compromises had to be made to fit the 2700mAh battery alongside the cooling accommodations for the Snapdragon 810.

  7. Really looking forward to your in-depth review of this device! I've been tempted in getting the LG G4, but with Sony's new Z5 & Z5 Compact, I might just be tempted to spend a little more!

  8. How does the Z5 Compact fare in the heat department when connected to LTE? If i remember correctly the Z3+ got really hot when it had a sim card and data running.

  9. can you please comment on the speaker phone volume and clarity? i was very disappointed in the z3c speaker volume with regards to phone calls. Interestingly rhe music was fine..but not calls. Thanks!

  10. How does the camera on the Sony Z5 Compact compare with the iPhone 6S? I am curious as to how the Sony module compare with the Sony module in the iPhone since the Z5 was collaborated with the Sony Alpha team.

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