Sony Xperia Z5 Compact review

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The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is the smallest of the three new Xperia Z5 devices. I got my hands on one a few days ago and I have been testing it to see if it will help Sony lift its mobile division out of the doldrums. Let’s see what I found out.

37 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact review

  1. I love smaller phones less than 5 inch screen, but you rgot to mention something. All high end xperias have better sound quality than all phones in the market, especially when you connect phone to a high quality headphones on Bluetooth or to WiFi, from my experience I have never seen an xperia fail its sound quality even with standard settings. But good revew you made, bad to heat a bit under camera usage. I guess better use a heatsink?

  2. Has anyone downsized to one of these from a 5" and above phone? I'm thinking of getting the compact over the regular Z5 for the extra battery life and significantly lower price, but not sure if it'd be as easy downsizing as it was upsizing.

  3. It's finally time to upgrade from my old war horse; Xperia S. The Z5 Compact is about the same size, and that is why I consider buying it. What do you think?

  4. I hate it so much that all the good flagship phones are 5"+ size!
    I have been using a 5,3" phone for a little over 2 years now and at 15 cm long and 7,9cm wide it is SO big damnit.
    Why can't I just get a galaxy s7 with a 4,8" screen or something similar?

  5. I have been using the phone for about 2 months now. The phone has got serious issue with Blue Tooth devices. Sony does not want to help and keeps blaming other apps while the problem is reproducible with their apps. Think twice before buying this phone.

  6. can someone help me… I just bought a new z5c yesterday and I'm having some battery issues… it overheats and the battery drains quickly 🙁 well everything else is perfect, it's just the battery and the overheating problem I'm having.

    someone please explain what I can do to fix this!

  7. The majority of the people listen music on their phones, using sometimes very expensive headphones. How come no one reviews the quality of the inbuilt amplifiers, DACs, music players, file format support (like Hi-Res) etc….? Most people care more about the sound that goes to their headphones rather than the sound that comes out of the speakers. Still good review though :)

  8. Having owned a HTC One Mini M4 for 2 years and being at first impressed until that damn HTC Sense 6.0 replaced 5.5, it no longer connects to a PC with USB and the bottom speaker has failed completely, I am now in the market for a new phone. I was looking at the Samsung S6, but it is too popular (plus the bloatware thrown in with it) and the HTC M9, but I wan't something with a good camera and pocketable. I am kind of wanting something a bit unique (similar experiance to my HTC, not just like stock Android), it appears that I must give this Sony Z5 Compact a shot! It looks good, has good specs, a nice UI (similar, if not better than HTC Sense 5.5), a good camera (4K!!!) and is realitely quite and not too popular.


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