Sony Xperia Z5 compact Review | The Best Z5

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This is an in-depth review of the Sony Xperia Z5 compact, the smallest of Sony’s latest flagship smartphone line-up

00:49 Design & Build
04:33 Display
05:45 Sound
07:17 Performance
09:18 Battery
11:13 Software
12:29 Camera

13:59 Recap & Conclusion

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41 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 compact Review | The Best Z5

  1. only weakness of this phone is the 4k camera however you should understand that cellphone cameras are for casual use, not serious work. otherwise ppl. use a real video camera or dslr. i think this is the best compact phone on the market as of summer 2016. i do not like large phones. i had a htc one m8 as well as an iphone 6 plus. those things (phablets) were monsters and very annoying to handle. single handed phones are the best and this one beats out anything else in the android market. i prefer it over iphone se as the storage capacity maxes out at 64gb while z5 compact can accept a dedicated 200gb micro sd card on top of the internal 32 gb default. it is also cheaper.

  2. Sony makes some of the best "balanced" phones out there. Consistent performance, display, build quality. What more can you ask for?

    Superb review btw.

  3. I can get this phone for about $415. Do you think I should wait more for a price drop because $400 is a kinda boerderline too expensive for me. I can manage it but would prefer cheaper.

  4. well honestly sony is out of the game why would anyone pay more for sony device if you can get same thing or even better thing in less price. 4k or not water resistance or not all sony phones have overheating issues the display quality is not good as emoled. the sony's cyber shot, sony's Walkman with all these things sony can make best phone but they just keeps making non competitive device. Samsung & LG is way better than sony.

  5. 15:30 touching on why the compact is louder, you could probably put that down to the extra thickness of the phone itself. Although it's only ~1.6mm thicker than the Z5, that's still a decent amount of room to shove deeper speakers into. Almost like putting a subwoofer onto a wooden floor compared to a concrete floor – more room to travel.

  6. only problem sony have , is that IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen. it is too reflective on the sunlight. cant see shit in summer

    btw Damir Franc, u have one the best reviews on youtube

  7. Is there a lag (slight screen freeze) when entering the settings for the first time after booting (or after clearing recent apps and locking + waking the device and then entering the settings)? (You have to get to the settings and start scrolling right away to really notice it)
    It happens to me on 3 different units.
    Also, which Revision did you get, 1, 2 or 3?

  8. Great review.  For people thinking that going from bigger phone to a smaller phone, it's not really a big deal.  just set the font larger.  in time, you'll get used to it.  4.6" was huge 3 years ago.  the video doesn't mention (or maybe I missed) how great of a water resistant phone is…one of the best.  going on 2days with one charge and doesn't get as warm, was pretty cool and were the reasons I upgrade my original z. best phone for the size.

  9. I am thinking of buying this phone, to replace my aging Nexus 5 I went 'back' to iOS and got an iPhone 6S, and I hate it, so will go back to Android but I am not a big screen person, I tried a Note 5 but hated it cause of it's size. But what colour? Black or White? Kinda tricky to choose, also does the phone heat up at all? I would wait for the next Xperia Compact with the 820 CPU in it, but the Z5c is dropping a lot in price and I don't think Sony will announce the Z6/ Z7 range and MWC, but you never know.

  10. I had a oneplus one for a year, great phone. I've switched over to the Z5 compact, and I love it, especially it's compact size. The only two gripes, the volume with the 2 speakers isn't very loud compared to my oneplus, and I really miss double tap to close, it can be annoying as I was so used to having double tap to close on my oneplus.

  11. awesome review! One thing which doesn't really bother me but i think it would improve the quality of the videos. For example you are now reviewing a white colour phone over a white surface, this tends to be a bit heavy on the eye to follow the exact shape and size of the phone. Can you try to add a black background when the phone is white and a white backgroud when the phone is black? 😀 Just a suggestion. Great job as always!

    later edit : I can see under your keyboard a black pad which is quite large, you can use that when you are reviewing the phone over your desk and you are recording in the close up mode.

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