Sony Xperia z5 Compact Review

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*incorrect about updates. Sony DOES update their flagships.*
This is the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Sony’s latest flagship, but in a smaller version. What did Sony bring for us?


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33 Comments on Sony Xperia z5 Compact Review

  1. Sony makes a small flagship phone with 720p resolution , People are outraged

    Apple and Samsung make a small flagship device (Rumored Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini) with a 720p Resolution , It's fine and reasonable

  2. The new official Android 6.0 Marshmallow update gives ultra high performance. Very fast unlike 5.x which was very laggy. Update as soon as you can – you will be amazed

  3. disliked the video.
    Sony does update.
    the fingerprint works fine. maybe they should consider a left handed option for better comfort. saying that isn't working the way you want is just baised.

  4. to sell a phone in a America u need a gimmick Sony get a gimmick and maybe ur smart phones will help y'all debt because with the consoles sales it's not enough

  5. i own Xperia z5 Compact for few days and managed to record 20min 4k video. in companion samsung s6 allows you to record ony 5min in 4k. also im lefty and location of the finngerprint scanner is Perfect for me which works fast and recognizes me without problem. Yes IT is a bit cold but color reproduction is 95%accurate wiem S6 makes everything yellow and over saturated.

  6. You can adjust color balance on Sony phones for a more natural color. Red – 250, Green – 190, Blue -0 is one recommendation but these settings will vary by user preferences. Others have noted a blue hue.

  7. Wow Kevin. You're the first reviewer in over 20 reviews that had a difficult time with the finger print reader. Isn't the back frosted gorilla glass? It has equivalent res to the iPhone 6S so is that also not to you liking? Did you try hi res audio, fm tuner with rds, or PS4 remote play? Lastly, I've read this phone barely gets warm with 10 minutes of 4K video? Can you clarify your 'overheating' comment?

  8. Hello! Could anybody help me Im looking for phones which have screens less than 5" in size and have a good battery life right now these are my choices:
    Z3 Compact – Drawback=Last year model already
    Z5 Compact – Drawback = too pricey, boxy sides, and the processor's performance isn't stable
    Moto X Play= Drawback=5.5" phone

    I want a small Android phone that could also deliver a nice to excellent performance

    Anyone wants to recommend?

    By the way Im from Philippines so not all brands of phones are here

  9. Honestly the update part felt harsh like u didnt do any research before saying (not being rude just saying) and also felt cold for somereason. loved your 6p review but this wast upto the level.

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