Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Review

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While relatively small in size, as suggested by its 4.6-inch screen diagonal, the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact packs most of the features and hardware muscle one would get from the brand’s flagship, the Sony Xperia Z5…

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Review:

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42 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Review

  1. bro why are you guys so emotional? This is not a good phone, simple and it's over priced. I would prefer not to spend $500 bucks on a half sized phone with midrange specs,, because it's waterproof?

  2. I have been using the phone for about 2 months now. The phone has got serious issue with Blue Tooth devices. Sony does not want to help and keeps blaming other apps while the problem is reproducible with their apps. Think twice before buying this phone.

  3. you know why iPhoneArena is not a reliable tech reviewer website source because they are all iSheep they hate most of the android smartphone most specially sony, so think twice if you believe in a reviewer like this dummy.

  4. Z series couldn't cut the deal anymore. i used to be a compact lover with the z3 compact. 1 year ++ battery fcked up, i dont even play games lol. then memory card spring fcked up. when the battery is fcked up it bloats and fcuks up the motherboard by bending it and the front screen will peel off and the proximity sensor fcuks up. And when all that happens and you take it to the shop, the technician fcuks you up with his fcuked up prices. Might just well buy a new one. I was so frustrated i sold if off cheap and bought me self a redmi note 2 with 3 times lesser the price and had to move on with a 5.5 inch.

    don't get this massacre of a phone. The parts are just too expensive and built quality is summed up on glues. Its not like what you think it is when you hold it. I can see why Sony ditched the Z series and went to X series. Doesn't make any difference though. Ridiculously priced phones with nothing much to offer. They used to be good in the beginning with xperia M and reasonable pricing. I would avoid Sony at the moment, just go for Xiaomi or oneplus X. At least the price isn't ridiculous.

  5. Does this multi task on the internet like a laptop. Meaning can I be listening to a song on you tube on one page while surfing other sites on another page?

  6. the 4.6 inch screen by today's standards is small? hmmmm but it is a compact you halfwit! if you by it then moan the screen it too small the answer is simple, go shoot yourself because you are stupid IT IS A COMPACT what do you expect? 5.5 inch screen or bigger?

  7. I wonder if they have moved to a better quality glue for the screen glass and back glass. My Z3 Compact has a loose screen even after one swap replacement and being sent to depot once..

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