Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Is less really more?

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The Xperia Z5 Compact from Sony takes a step in a direction we haven’t seen in quite a while… Did its small form factor and conservative specs impress me?

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23 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Is less really more?

  1. After i first bought a Xperia z2 Comptact i never gonna go back to Samsung or Apple. The battry life is just amazing. The glass however breaks easily…

  2. Had this phone for some months now. Its worse than my Z2 which was very good. This phone overheats and lags so much that it is NOT possible to use it

  3. I have been using the phone for about 2 months now. The phone has got serious issue with Blue Tooth devices. Sony does not want to help and keeps blaming other apps while the problem is reproducible with their apps. Think twice before buying this phone.

  4. I know i'm a bit late about this commend but i see you don't like that the phone can't turn on the flashlight when shaking it here the fix search on shakr flashlight and install the one from androidrock and youre redy to go it works on my z3c and im so happy for it if it dosen't work try going into setting and make your self developer take could mabe fix it i can't say for sure beacuse ihave allredy activated it on my phone but love the app and would greatly reccomend it :D.(bad gramma i know it and i'm to lazy to fix it that's just how i am.)

  5. +LinusTechTips do you still use the Xperia Z5 compact? does it still perform well and did you have any unexpected issues? cause the price dropped crazily to less than 400 bucks so I might get one too :)

  6. I have an Xperia Z2 D6503 on Lollipop 5.1.1 and I've now owned for a year and a half, it still feels and looks premium and the good ol' steed serves me very well. I highly recommend Nova launcher with prime and Tesla notification

  7. I still have a Z1 and I love it. for me still perfect, but at 1 year and a half and after a lot of pictures in the pool and the sea , the water resistance was sleeping and the phone broke I took him to the warranty and gave me a new phone. ahahah

  8. My only grip i've had with every xperia compact is the lessening of the ram from its full size version. My wife owns a z1 still I had a z3 and i've owned a z3 compact. Once this is cheaper i'll probably jump on it too.

  9. I am considering this phone but not sure about the mixed review i have 5.5 inch phone and it's to big. Also most review says that the camera is not good what should i get?

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