Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Hands-On

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It’s an odd-numbered Xperia, so you better believe Sony’s got a Compact version. Join Michael Fisher for a quick hands-on at IFA 2015!


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33 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Hands-On

  1. What I like about pocketnow is they're actually critical of the devices in their videos. It seems like far too many tech journalists and reviewers are no different from advertisers.

  2. So many errors in this hand ons. The z3 compact had the same spec downgrades in relation to it's larger sister. The z3c had 2 gb of ram opposed to 3gb on the z3, had a smaller battery and a lower resolution screen. In regards to the comment on the thickness of the phone, its only 0.3 mm thicker than the z3c, that's barely noticable and most likely allows for the bigger battery in the z5c. I have a z3c and prefer smaller phones to be thicker, it makes them feel more premium and sturdy in construction.

  3. Looks great.

    As for the line of phones in general, I got my Xperia SP two years ago on a contract, before the Z1 even launched and now they're on Z5? Wtf? Keep it to one phone per year.

    Not that I'm complaining about the Z5c.

  4. I would love to get this phone as my next phone but where Sony fails miserabely is on the audio side. Sony has some of the worst headphone amplifiers of all on their flagships. I had xperia Z2 and music playback on headphones was carbage and not good at all which is really strange cause' we're talking about the freaking inventor of walkman…

  5. Sony let it start to take seriously their products. These are primarily phones. So I question whether voice features with Bluetooth function, eg "OK Google" etc.? In previous models, the Sony service and support center Sony Mobile says (informed) that the Xperia does not support Komed voice via the Bluetooth headset (no, even Sony) – Google maps navigation messages are also not transferred to the Bluetooth speakers. Sony should first improve the basic functions of the phone, because it is a phone and not a toy.

  6. The problem isn't that it's thick, phones are retardedly thin right now anyway, with dismal battery life. The problem is the power hog of a CPU ergo the (much?) lower battery life, the lack of dock pins and the price. People who liked the Z3 compact were hoping for a phone with better screen to body ratio, less brittle glass (gg4) and the same or better battery life. It always baffles me how these manufacturers don't seem to know why people like their phones. I'm starting to think that when they do get it right sometimes, it's by chance. :)

  7. Y they doesn't put an ir blaster they r trying to touch the boundaries not pushing the boundaries… like they usually do like 4k fingerprint in lock button etc y compact isgetting annoying for little things Y..

  8. I've only ever seen one person with an Xperia phone in our "area". Most people still use the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, and some still use an iPhone 4! Yes our town is that cheap for people to not upgrade from the 4, I know. But that's how it is.

  9. looks great! But not so great that I would buy this generation of compact Xperia. I've got Z3C and I wish they'd included metal frame like on the bigger models and OIS for the camera would be huge advantage. Also even tho 2GB of ram is enough, 1 extra GB wouldn't hurt in my opinion. Like someone mentioned Amoled panel would be awesome for even deeper blacks. Volume buttons are too low, I have to agree to that one also. And where the hell is the polarized coating for smartphone displays for great outdoor visibility like Nokia N9, and older lumias had?! Now if all these things were fixed, I'd say Sony made the perfect phone.

  10. Stop it! Do not complain that a manufacturer has increased the thickness of the phone in exchange for a bigger battery. It's what we smartphone users have been crying out for for years now.

  11. Listen… this is 2015. if the phone is going to be thick as a brick, it better be packing a battery north of 4000. If you aren't going to include capacitive buttons, slim the bottom bezel down. There isn't any excuse for the thickness of the top bezel.

  12. I think the phone looks fine, personally. I wonder how the Snapdragon 810 will do in such a compact case. Benchmarks should be ran to gauge that. Otherwise, I think it's a decent little phone, and I'm glad it's retaining the camera and waterproof design. :)

  13. I'm conflicted; that red/orange Z3 Compact is really hard to get past, because it really looked good. Looking at the Z5 Compact line reminds me of the Z1 Compact. Where I'm from, we just got the M4 Compact released and the red sandstone looks really tempting.

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