Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – Coca-Cola Test (4K)

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As you requested today we are going to test the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact with Coca Cola to see if it survives in a liquid. Can the Z5 Compact handle harsh conditions of being immersed in a Cola drink for several minutes? It’s time to find out!

As Z5 Compact has the IP68 certification for be dust proof and water resistant like the other smartphones of the Xperia Z series, we expect it to perform as good as new even after the test. We also plan to check if the fingerprint scanner of Z5 Compact works under water; or in this case, in Coca Cola.

We put the device inside a container and filled the container with Coca Cola. The next step was to try the functioning of the fingerprint sensor when in water, and it was revealed to not work. Something we have noticed with other Xperia devices is that they open and close random applications when immersed in a fluid but this was not seen in the Z5 Compact.

After keeping the phone in the Coca Cola for around 2 minutes, it was finally taken…

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