Sony Xperia Z5 Compact camera review

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We review the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact’s 23-megapixel camera, loaded up with more shooting modes than you can shake a selfie stick at. It’s also capable of recording video up to 4K resolution and engages some incredibly good digital image stabilisation in the form of SteadyShot. What do we think of Sony’s latest, greatest pocket-rocket? Check out our full camera review and if you have any questions fire them in the comments section below.

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  1. Does the latest firmware update have any effect on low light performance, especially with the front facing camera? Every test I've seen the phone falls down when light is limited. I'd like to think it can be resolved with an update, as I''m considering getting this phone.

  2. if Sony had the full manual mode I like I would probably be keeping my Xperia Z3. But I don't like that this is the first phone I had that comes with a heat warning and the lack of manual mode and OIS is a letdown. Getting the LG V10 this weekend. It has everything I want minus the size.

  3. Do a review with the new update, all those that have upgraded said there's a massive improvement in performance and quality. I may accept that the lg g4 may have better low light performance but not the i phone 6 or gs6 or edge. I have seen too many other reviews that suggest otherwise. Like some others have said, always use flash in low light, the rest have OIS so they'll have a better advantage without the flash in low light.

  4. Hi i have a Z5 and i am unsure what resolution i should have the camera set to. I always use intelligent auto but the camera defaults to 8MP why is this? is this how i should leave it? or should i always be at 23MP? What the point of having a 23MP camera if by default it shoots at 8MP?

  5. i realise theres difference between the camera interface on z5c and z5.. z5c looks like the older z series interface while z5 has a new one, correct me if im wrong

  6. i realise theres difference between the camera interface on z5c and z5.. z5c looks like the older z series interface while z5 has a new one, correct me if im wrong

  7. Very, very nice review, ypu talked about pretty much everything. The only thing is that Sony said this new update would make the camera better, so I'll have to watch another review about that. And I think they have maybe a little surprise for the camera software, when it gets updated to the software we see in their ads (which has different UI) maybe we'll have better quality and even some more manual functions

  8. I've read throughout the XDA, using 23mp mode isn't gonna help.Specially during low light try to use 8mp and you get better quality images,
    Post count 132 by Timothy Austin, Well he's a photographer and does a good job, but I honestly think low light software needs to be improved, like a lot. Let's see what new camera UI brings.

  9. Sony z5 has far better camera than IPhone should use manual sitting in the night for better result and IPhone 6s will knees Sony z5 on zooming and for clarity sharp image..

  10. The camera does great job outdoors but indoors is better to shoot with flash and the lower ISO setting possible. The big ISO is great outdoors in low light conditions but indoors sometimes makes noise, because the camera cannot recognize whether you are at indoors or outdoors situation.

  11. Hi Basil! The photos at the end… Were they taken in manual mode or Superior Auto (8mp with supersampling)? Great video, although I wish you would give us your impressions of a more varied number of photos. Specially compared to other phones (like the LG G4 or Galaxy S6). Cheers!

  12. was this reviewed with the new firmware update for the Z5 Line-up? (it was released today, called stagefright bug fix or something) , the update was supposed to have improved camera, fingerprint scanner accuracy and general device performance and speed.

  13. not bad, I'm still waiting to see if the z5 premium will release in north america. and that wallpaper is cool, did you download it from the google play store.

  14. There's something that only a few people have realised: Sony has closed/reserved the API link to the full resolution option for its camera hardware in the Z5 series. This means that EVERY single third party camera only has access to the 8 MP option. Google Camera, FV-5 camera and indeed any other will not show the 23MP shooting option. I don't know if this is a move by Sony to protect their algorithms or to force developers to implement their camera apps as Sony Camera modules or both but it's annoying and I'm guessing in the long run someone will end up hacking the phone/camera to make that option accessible to every app.

  15. mmmm… so it is just a half of the whole video that have contents inside?
    Btw try to download Fv 5 or Snap HDR, I use Sony Xperia, if I use lower ISO for the front camera it will come so soft while use bigger ISO will give a sharp and a bit grainy photos.

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