Sony Xperia Z5: 5 amazing features

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The newly-announced Xperia Z5 is Sony’s latest attempt at creating a breakthrough Android flagship. But such an ambitious phone requires amazing features. Here are the five key elements that make the Xperia Z5 so fine!

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46 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5: 5 amazing features

  1. Really think of getting this ,never had a Sony before and I've had mobile phones since early 90s,including.motorola, at least ten.ive a
    So never had an I phone and never wanted one …..really want a phone for good expandable storage options,music and good camera,this looks like it ticks all the boxes.anyone tell me different.really a bit fed up with Samsung and that horrible touch wiz thing ,looking for a change.

  2. Good morning sir I'm call Samuel Asante I'm a Ghanaian I have problem on my phone Z 3 camera, anytime I want to picture it gives this message, camera will now turn off temporarily to cool down, so pls what can I do? To get it right

  3. People saying stuff like 'same thing again'. Mate look at the iphone 6 and 6s, theyre the same. Plus these phones are released every 6 months so u cant expect revolutionary features

  4. I just cannot understand why Sony can't make their smartphones only compatible with their own Playstation games and their own VR gears. Is that some sort of Google Android restrictions?

  5. Same design , same flash . Bet the camera will take same noisy photos like Z1 , Z2 etc. Only positive features : battery and display . And don't forget the software , always the greatest ! NOT !

  6. fuck sony device, i buy sony z3 dual, after updating my device USSD code not working, it's not only my problem all Z# dual user in the world. fuck fuck fuck…

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