Sony Xperia Z4 – The Best Smartphone of 2015 – What Needs to be done!

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In this video I talk about what Sony need to do to make the Xperia Z4 the best phone of 2015.

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32 Comments on Sony Xperia Z4 – The Best Smartphone of 2015 – What Needs to be done!

  1. Im using z2. Cant wait for the z4 or z4 ultra. If thats real. That will be my target this year when it comes to smartphones. I compare z2 and z3 very small difference. When is the z4 coming?

  2. Bro I think the Sony phones are really cool . And I love the look of it the glass back and the shape its awesome .. They do something different .. Than the other brands .. I would love to see a z4 ultra version

  3. I think all phones have minor updates to them and if you do see something different then its never worth the upgrade but usually worth getting the latest handset if your in the market for a new handset due to specs and firmware updates etc.

  4. I think Sony better put the home soft button below the screen. it takes up the screen. and somehow not appealing to others. I myself didn't think about it. But if SONY can move the soft button below  the screen? that would be awesome. the other thing is that SONY better put newest snapdragon, even Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can get he newest of processor. What gives SONY?

  5. who do you think you are….
    you are saying that the 20.7 mp camera is a waste – do you even compared it to the htc one ??
    sony is releasing their smartphones in a shorter interval than other brands.
    thats why YOU cant see any "big" difference.

  6. Xperia z3? Sounds boring but I liked recent sony smartphone and I have to admit it they were good they had lot of types of Xperia smartphones to cheap to high quality and expensive phone only sony does that 

  7. But can't you say the same thing for HTC, Samsung and the others? Think Sony isn't just to blame. Their phones have hardly changed as well. Recently I've noticed the flagships this year are hardly any better than their predecessors. 

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