Sony Xperia Z3 vs Xperia Z2 – What’s Changed?

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Sony’s Xperia Z2 was close to being the first Android with no compromises. Its large display and fantastic camera combined with speed performance, durability and insane battery life to amazing effect. It’s been Cam’s favorite device virtually all year, and so he wanted to compare it to its successor to see what has improved and what’s perhaps not as good.

Both phones feature a 5.2-inch, 1080×1920 display, 20.7MP camera, 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 801 series quad-core chip and large batteries. But there are differences in design that give the Z3 a more sophisticated and elegant look. Despite only having lost 1mm in thickness, it feels smaller thanks to the more rounded edges.

What do you make of the Z3? Is it as good as the Z2, or are the compromises in the wrong places this time out?

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40 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 vs Xperia Z2 – What’s Changed?

  1. I am a happy user of SONY Xperia since 8 years or so. Long time ago when i was upgrading my Xperia Z i made sure that i opt the right one in terms of quality, performance, look, value for money and all as mush as possible. I dont just keep changing as soon as new model of the same series comes in the market. I wait until there is some logical reason to do that. I choose Z2 on Z3 and i am still very happy with my decision. Now as we all know Z3 Plus and Z5 are in the market its the time to go for Z5. Z5 looks strong in terms of performance and just to give myself a change after couple of years. But i still believe that the price in my country is still high for Z5 i might have to wait for another months before i take Z5. I am sorry for the long explanation but i think it might help some sensible people around the world. Thanks Sony and PhoneDog.

  2. Any plans to compare these two beauties against the Z5? I've noticed worse battery life om the Z5 due to further reduction in battery size to achieve slimness :(

  3. I'm wondering what should I buy z2 or z3. prices are almost identical. I like the z2 design and also the notification led more, so which design you think is better. Can anyone who's had experience with both devices tell me how the sound and battery life compare between the two?

  4. Hey there!
    First of all, nice review!
    I´m thinking about buying a new phone. Currently I have a Moto X first generation, and I´m in a seriously doubt about which phone to buy. My first thought was to buy the Sony xperia M4 aqua. But then, I saw the Z2 and, despite being older, it seemed much better! And now there is the Z3, that apparently has got nothing to add to Z2.
    I was also thinking about the Galaxy S5.
    Please, help me, which one would you recommend?

  5. guys! i have problem on my camera! when i open it there is a white halo on the half of the screen! it changes color according to the environment around! to green or pink! and when i capture pictures it will be with the picture! on it! can u plz guide me!?

  6. Hello hey will I can see you always change your phone by any chance if you sale your phone I would love to buy from you because u have more information about phone and as I am sure phone conditions will be also good any way unleavened in London if you do sale let me k ow I will also pay for delivery thanks

  7. Hi, Thank you so much that was so helpful and not like some of the other video's people have put on here about the Z3 as I am planing on up grading to a Z3 compact from my Xperia, but not I'm disappointed about the camera as I thought it would be great. So thank you much for your video.

  8. i am considering buying Z2 anyday now.. my old Xperia S is about to die so i am gonna put it down.. does the Z2 heat up while playing Games or clicking Pictures?
    I am a huge sony fan and i dont want to give into any other phone except the Z2..
    Please help me out here.. 
    any kind of reply is appreciated.. 🙂 (well a good one atleast)

  9. Z3 has cheaper looks
    Z3 has worse, glitchy camera
    Z3 doesn't have that fancy white notification light
    Z3 has smaller battery
    Z3 uses NANO Sim, which would give you head aches shredding your Sim and not being able to use it anywhere except of no good iphones 5/6.
    Z3 costs up to 2 times more.

    I love Sony, but I hate their laziness and greed. If you want more money – work for it. I ain't buying your Z3 because you haven't put enough effort into it. I urge you to do the same and opt for z2 to show them your disapproval of making money from air.

  10. I have a Z2 and must say that the camera performance is underwhelming despite the specs. It's autofocus in the supposedly superior auto mode is very hit and miss. I get what appears to be a cloudy almost blurred image even when a picture is taken in good lighting conditions. My wife's Galaxy S5 is superior when using it's auto mode. The HDR function isn't overly affective as compared to the one in the S5. I've been told that my Z2 camera should''t be behaving this way but it does! Other than that, I like the layout of the phone's GUI and simply can't use the S5 with it's million and one features GUI! I actually really like the screen on the Z2. Saying that, unless Sony improve on the camera, I'll be looking elsewhere when it's time to upgrade.

  11. "The Z3 is the best looking Sony Xperia device" dude, seriously? I've got a Z2 right now and it looks so much more premium and awesome due to those silver outlines on the side and those awesome flaps (I never open due to my magnetic charging adapter I got of eBay for £3), those sleek slits at the top and bottom made it damn right bad ass… Wait they changed it to a pill? N' what about that beautifully bright led light bar at the top that everyone in my family was so jealous about … Wait the changed that to a round dot? Z2 was one of the most thinnest phones of 2014, more thin than the G3 and S5, did it really need to be made any thinner? No, but they did and to make it just 1 FRICKING ml thinner, and took of 100mphs? Hmm… The only upgrade is see is a phone that is exactly 0.2mhz more powerful. Open your eyes people, Z2's the boss.

  12. i was about to buy this week a sony xperia Z3.. but since  i''ve watch this video.. nah' i will go for z2 thanks for this comparison of the specs, =)

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