Sony Xperia Z3 vs. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – Review (4K)

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39 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 vs. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – Review (4K)

  1. I got a iphone 4 for 4 years now (444) and itunes screwed me over at last deleting all my songs so I want to buy a new phone (not iphone) and i am kinda stuck between these 2, iphone 4 size is okey , maybe a little bigger would be better but compared to it, how much larger is the compact, I don't really want a to big phone even though I never tried one

  2. Sony z3 or z3 compact? I like the compact a bit better because it can fit in your pocket, but I heard that it has a lot of problems, so I'm think i,m gonna get the z3, but I don't know if it can fit in my pocket

  3. Dude, your review sucks. It's just like reading the specs and is missleading. For example, the regular Z3 has bigger battery.. but bigger screen demands more battery… Whoever wants a good review and not specs should search another channel

  4. I just bought a Z3c, changing from htc one m7. Well, im impressed with the phone, the battery life is superb and the design is really feel like using 4s just its rounded by the plastic. The camera so far is good if you know how to use. The 720p is not much difference between 1080p just it could boost more ppi to over 320ppi instead of 319ppi. Overall, its really recommended to buy for the smaller screen. 

  5. People, if you cannot choose, The Z3 Compact is just smaller, lower resolution (not that noticeable unless you have eyes like a hawk), cheaper and shorter battery life (by just a bit) so yea.

  6. I Own a Z3 Compact,my friend owns a Z3 and I TOTALLY recomend the Z3 Compact.but for the big phone lovers out there,you can take the Z3,all doh the Z3 compact has great hand grip and really easy to acsess,the smaller screen isn't any bother to me…

  7. Hey, guys!  I'm switching to Android soon and am seriously looking at the Z3 Compact due to it's much more comfortable size and good specs.  My question is, if size really matters to me (lol), what would be another Android-based competitor that I should consider?  Samsung Galaxy 5 Mini…or something?  I don't know the other phones too well.  Thanks!!

  8. i got the Z3 instead of the compact and i regret it. the compact feels so much more comfortable in my hand(i borrowed a friend's one) and the squarish edges made it easier to grip. Plus, the z3 is so big it always pokes my hip bone whenever i bend down to tie my shoes.

    if you're someone who keeps their phone in their bag and you like watching movies on it, get the bigger one. If you want a more convenient phone, get the compact.

  9. seriously are sony on crack? 720p? fucking how old are ya! 1080p STANDARD! my imac was made in 2010 and that produces 1440p, the new imacs now do 2160p the playstation 4 produces most games upto 900-1080p so i will let that be ok. xbox one on the other hand still piss about with 720p. where in 2014 make it fucking exciting instead of oh yeah 720p yeah still looks good dont it? NO IT FUCKING DONT! im too use to seeing 1080p for like fucking nearly 10 years with my 40" sony bravia. we need to move on in life not fucking stand still!

  10. On the xperia ui can you disable the Google now / news thing, change the clock font from that BOLDthin style and remove the persistent search bar?

    Or would i have to apply a custom rom for that? I usually have cyanogenmod because i honestly think stock is getting really ugly and bloated with google shovelware. I used to prefer stock but Google has bad designers now and want to push things like Google now on you for data mining. 

  11. Can anyone comment on how hot these phones get? for instance i carry the iphone 5 and its not hot but when i use 3G and browse around the web the phone gets unbearably hot. Was wondering if Z3 or Z3C have the same "issue" 

  12. does this two phones uses the same front/back glass? cause i read some in forums that their Z3 compact get easily crack some say without even dropping the device? i really like the Z3 compact

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