Sony Xperia Z3 vs. iPhone 6 – Detailed Comparison!

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This is my comparison video between the iPhone 6 and the Sony Xperia Z3.
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Sony Xperia Z2 waterproof test:

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49 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 vs. iPhone 6 – Detailed Comparison!

  1. Iphone destroys the camera of Sony and it's a shame because apple uses a Sony sensor. I have both devices and I work for Sony but iPhone 2 years later is a much better device. Z3 after all the updates running android 6 doesn't run quite as smooth as iPhone 6 with 9.3.2 which is extremely fast. Batter in Sony is much worse too now being on par with iPhone 6. Speakers, waterproofing and screen size are the only things I prefer in Z3. But iPhone is a better investment in the long run.

  2. For all you people trying to find out whats better, its a Z3

    Apple tries to eat your money on the app store, MOST of the people saying 'The iPhone 6 is better'. Get a Android device and do a comparison between it. The Z3 Is a beast at GAMING. Runs 60FPS on most games (Minecraft, San Andreas). I don't know if you realize but Apple's service is crap. The ONLY negative for the Xperia is the poor screen. Can be cracked easily, expose it to some sunlight and it will break! So if I were you i'd get a Sony Xperia Z3, be EXTREMELY gentle with the screen.

  3. Sony Xperia Z beats Iphone 6, Xperia Z1 fuck Iphone 6, Xperia Z2 Smash Iphone 6, Xperia Z3 kill Iphone 6, Xperia Z5 Destroy Every Smartphone Including Iphone 6, For Xperia Z- series Iphone 6 its like a Joke, There's no better Smartphone than Sony Smartphone machines. SONY THE KING !

  4. Man fuck the z3 and fuck Sony, they're all shit, the phones cracked ,more than 4 times since I bought it, and every time it cracks it's all from heights no taller than 40cm

  5. Hello,
    Did you have a problems with the sony z3 overheating ?
    I cannot decide wich phone to buy z3 ; z3 + or z5 compact . i have zr at the moment and would like to have a bigger screen but z3 + in the store while i turned the camera on after 20 sec it stopped the app .

  6. i love how on all the videos of samsung v iphone or iphone v anything else the wars are real and the real fanboys in everyone really comes out.

    but then i get to this video and everyone in the sony community is really chill.
    faith in part of humanity restored

  7. hah it's normal that z3 is better because phone of this producent and others similar with android fights for best performance. Apple it's other world and there is shitty comparison – new model apple to old model sony lol

  8. People who say megapixels aren't important don't know what they're talking about, it's very important for details, when you zoom the image or crop it. That being said, I'm glad Apple finally increased the megapixels in the iPhone camera in the 6s. I just wish they increased the battery as well, it's my only grip with iPhones.

  9. Believe me sony xperia z3 is the best phone… Awesome camera.. AAwesome audi.. GGood performance and its freaking waterproo.. What more do you want

  10. from experience Sony makes really sturdy phones which is the main reason I buy them they can take a beating and still work fine other phones on the other hand are too fragile and you have to baby them.

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